Should I sign up for an ILM Level 7 Course?

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Should I sign up for an ILM Level 7 Course?

Posted by: Phil Kelly
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Signing up for an ILM Level 7 could be the ideal step towards becoming an advanced coach.

If you have found your way to this article, the chances are you’ve got some coaching experience. You may already hold coaching qualifications, working independently or within an organisation as a senior leader, or within Human Resources or Organisation Development. But, as you know, the pursuit of excellence and expertise is an ongoing journey. If you are considering ways to advance your coaching career, or are thinking about how best to further develop, the ILM-7 coaching and mentoring programme could very well be a good move.

The ILM Level 7 goes beyond conventional leadership and development training – it opens doors to becoming an advanced coach. Advanced qualifications differ from entry-level ones in several ways. Firstly, as they require more time and commitment, fewer providers offer them. We are one of of the few expert organisations that delivers ILM-7 programmes; a specialist company passionate about leadership development, executive coaching and mentoring. In addition, our delivery of ILM-7 is tailored to the individual participants. This is particularly valuable for advanced learning as the complexities of coaching and mentoring get explored.

But what are the real benefits of an ILM-7, and why should you become an advanced coach?

Coaching with strategic leadership:

ILM Level 7 is unique in its focus on strategic leadership development, emphasising not only the improvement of coaching skills but also the effective alignment of coaching and mentoring with relevant organizational strategies. This includes the pivotal role senior managers and leaders play in talent development and succession planning. ILM Level 7 provides tools to identify and nurture talent, empowering coaches to contribute significantly to their organisation’s success and achieve leadership excellence.

Navigating Change and promoting adaptability:

Change is a constant in life and in the business world. Skilled coaches can help individuals and teams navigate through these transitions successfully. The ILM Level 7 programme provides valuable insights on change management, which prepares coaches to lead their teams through transformations and tackle the ever-changing landscape of business and leadership.

The ILM Level 7 programme is designed to significantly enhance your overall coaching proficiency. It does this by developing a deep understanding of complex coaching methodologies. This enables you to better handle diverse, difficult scenarios with clients or with your organisation.

Elevating communication and relationship building:

Advanced coaching and effective communication skills go hand in hand. The ILM Level 7 programme has been designed to improve skills like active listening and relationship-building. These interpersonal skills not only help to enhance coaching sessions but also play a crucial role in developing better professional relationships.

Cultivating a coaching culture:

A coaching culture is a key feature of high-performance organisations. ILM Level 7 encourages you to promote a coaching mindset within your teams and organisations. This cultural shift encourages an atmosphere of ongoing learning, feedback, and personal development, fostering a workplace that is positive and growth oriented. It can prove vital for improved performance at all levels.

Professional recognition and credibility:

Achieving an advanced qualification like the ILM Level 7 is a testament to your commitment to excellence in coaching. The recognition and credibility associated with this qualification will elevate your standing in the professional community, opening doors to new opportunities and enhancing your influence and value.

But, beyond professional recognition, the ILM Level 7 journey will offer you the opportunity for profound personal growth. Coaches and mentors who have completed the course report gained self-awareness and refinement of their coaching style, all leading to improved confidence in their ability to be effective.

Embarking on the ILM Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring journey isn’t just a qualification; it is an investment in empowering others, mastering advanced coaching techniques, and cultivating a coaching leadership style that drives organisational success. Advanced coaching is not just about personal development; it’s about empowering others to unlock their full potential. By acquiring advanced coaching skills, leaders can profoundly impact their teams, guiding individuals towards success and facilitating a culture of continuous growth.

For those aspiring to not only coach but to become advanced coaches, the ILM Level 7 is the gateway to a rewarding and impactful coaching journey.


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Author: Phil Kelly
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