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ILM Courses – Could it be the Course for Me?

Posted by: Phil Kelly
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ILM courses focus on delivering practical, proven skills and expertise directly into the workplace. All learning is pertinent to the person studying.

What sets ILM courses apart? There are all sorts of professional courses and qualifications out there. One online search and you will be presented with hundreds of options, nearly all of which promise to bolster your job prospects and ambitions.

The results promised by a lot of professional courses are fairly abstract; a lot reference your future opportunities or your potential career trajectory.

What happens when you need practical, applicable skills for your current role? What if your organisation or business needs you to be delivering results and improving performance in the here and now?

These professional expectations may seem particularly familiar to those in leadership and management positions, and whilst there are endless theories and guides on how to be a better boss or a more effective manager, there is a vast difference between learning about leadership principles and putting them into practice.

ILM accredited courses focus on delivering practical, proven skills and expertise directly into the workplace. The qualifications are founded on work-based learning, with assessments based on projects that relate to the employer. This means that all learning is pertinent to the person studying.

What exactly are ILM Courses?

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualification is a professional development award that is designed to help individuals improve their leadership and management skills. The qualification is made up of several units, each of which covers a different aspect of leadership and management. There are awards that are suited to all levels of experience, from newly promoted senior staff or team leaders to department heads and executives.

As you would expect, the qualifications increase with complexity and knowledge as you develop through the programme.

ILM is an internationally recognised qualification, and one that is highly valued and recognised amongst employers. (You can learn more about the accreditation framework here).

Is an ILM Course right for me?

An ILM qualification will equip existing managers and those hoping to progress with the skills, confidence and knowledge to be a more proficient leader in their place of work.

In fact, ILM is the only qualification in the UK that combines the practical application of professional competency with the rigour of regulated qualifications. It’s achievable too; for most ILM qualifications the course time is approximately 20 hours. This is ideal for those learning around a job and other responsibilities. It is enough hours to develop a solid practice, but not too many to make it burdensome.

Pro-Noctis and ILM Courses

We are proud to be an award-winning ILM approved centre and ILM training provider, delivering Coaching and Mentoring Awards at Level 3, 5, and 7. Our delivery of each particular qualification is tailored to the individual participants, and always meets the ILM’s high standard for delivery and quality.

We offer full and on-going support to all course participants, ensuring any written elements of the qualification is as valuable as the practical situational training.

Why coaching and mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring skills can be used every day to improve performance.

Pro-Noctis is renowned for our expertise within coaching and mentoring; we have worked with some of the world’s leading organisations and high performing individuals to deliver coaching and mentoring programmes.

Whether it’s helping to shape the careers of talented individuals or dynamic teams, encouraging innovative ideas and new perspectives, or building leadership proficiency in preparation for the challenges ahead.

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Author: Phil Kelly
An award-winning business owner and TED presenter, Phil lives and breaths performance. Having designed and delivered successful training packages across various industries worldwide, he now spends most of his time within business development and consulting. Phil Kelly