Is ILM Coaching right for my workplace?

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Is ILM Coaching right for my workplace?

Posted by: Emma Rouse
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Are ilm qualifications right for my workplace

In an earlier blog, we discussed whether ILM qualifications are recognised, and indeed they are, and with the ILM reporting 70,000 people completed an ILM course last year, you could say ILM training is highly desirable.

However, before we go further, for those that have slept since our last article😉, it’s probably best to recap ‘What are ILM courses?’ …

Quite simply, quality training focusing on leadership, management, coaching and mentoring, will allow you to harness the power of human performance for organisational development.

…ok I’m interested, but is ILM training for us? 

… well, If you are stuck in a quandary, perhaps you want to improve the confidence and performance of staff members, but cannot afford them the time away from the workplace, then ILM training could be the perfect solution. 

ILM training is highly practical and vocational by nature. What this means is the focus is on facilitating learning immediately in the workplace, delivering training that is relevant to the tasks at hand, and that delivers immediate, real impact 

Whatever your training needs, ILM training gives you the freedom to focus on the skills you need when you need them, you may want to improve team working, decision making or just general productivity. ILM training can help you to develop confidence and performance at every level. 

Don’t just take our word for it…in a survey commissioned by ILM (Harris 2018)

88% of employers said their business was immediately and positively impacted by ILM training. Source ILM

This is great but.. is ILM Coaching right for my team? 

The ILM coaching journey, much like the training itself is flexible, with a multitude of entry points, and the bonus of recognising previously earned credits, ILM is the perfect training partners regardless of where individuals are on their coaching journey. 

So where does Pro-Noctis Human Performance fit into this? 

Well… Pro-Noctis is an ILM approved centre, trusted by organisations such as BAE Systems, NHS, RAF, HSBC, Barclays, and Stena Life, to deliver award-winning and accredited training, via open courses, and commissioned in-house training programmes. 

As an ILM training provider, Pro-Noctis is pleased to offer ILM Coaching and Mentoring Courses from ILM Level 3 to Level 7

  • Level 3 is perfect for all team members, who want to develop their coaching and mentoring knowledge, skills and understanding. 
  • Level 5 is the next step up, more suited to heads of department, leaders and managers and those with responsibility for effective coaching and mentoring.
  • Level 7– is an opportunity for senior leaders, managers or HR/OD professionals to develop expertise and credibility in the fields of coaching and mentoring.

However; it doesn’t stop there, Pro-Noctis also delivers ILM Coaching Supervision and Human Performance Practitioner courses, in addition to bespoke accredited Leadership and Management programmes. 

Whatever your organisational development needs, if you have got this far, and feel ILM coaching may be for you, get in touch with the team at Pro-Noctis today.

Author: Emma Rouse