Pursuit Line

Pursuit Line

Empowering you to achieve the highest levels of performance

Expecting excellence from people and producing excellence from people are two very different things. Between us, we’ve seen some of the best coaches, managers and leaders in the world, and some of the…well, less inspiring!

Pursuit Line can support you to be amongst the best of the best.

Pursuit Line’s unique services have been created using our years of experience within elite performance, citing our learnings from some of the biggest names in sport and business.

Our talks, workshops and consultancy programmes focus on getting great results for you and your team. Everything we offer is bespoke, designed to suit your exact needs.

We’ve been there. We know how hard it can be to produce excellence, especially under pressure.

We offer a range of performance programmes, designed to be fully bespoke to suit your exact needs. From presentations to workshops, company culture audits and motivational talks, all of our services have been created with the aim of supporting high performance for you.

We regularly partner with clients to help them deliver on their goals. Pursuit Line aims to guide and support you in finding viable, sustainable, engaging solutions to implement and improve performance.

Do you really want to know what it takes to consistently perform at your best? We can support you with:

  • Motivation
  • Performing under pressure
  • Striving for success
  • Dealing with failure
  • Effective Leadership
  • Living to your values

About us

High performance and excellent results have never been optional for us. Throughout our careers, we have worked with the best to become the best.

As a professional cyclist, Ed earned the title of “Greatest Team Pursuit Rider in History”. His Olympic and World Championship win record remains unmatched.

Phil developed, led and coached elite training to servicemen and women all over the world. He founded his own award-winning company, focusing on the power of performance for FTSE 100 companies.

Now, we want to share everything we have learned with you.

Find out more about how we can help you:


Contact us now for a FREE initial consultancy and to discuss ways to improve your company’s operational excellence.

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