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Pro-Noctis Ltd is an award-winning Human Performance specialist company that works with clients and organisations who are striving to create the most productive and engaged working environment possible. Understanding and embracing Human Performance means to be able to manage and influence the environmental, organisational and job factors, along with the team and individual characteristics, which influence behaviour at work and create the observed culture.

Pro-Noctis has won many awards including being voted in the ‘top three’ best new business at the UK Business Awards and won a Lotus award for their Barclays Culture work project where they were the sole external contractor involved in developing and harnessing the expected behaviours required to create a thriving culture.

“The Lotus Awards honour companies that foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage and the business that is striving to improve Employee Engagement.”

Developmental Training through to Executive Coaching can yield significant benefit when approached from a Human Performance angle. Through years of experience delivering training courses across the world, we have seen Human Performance education and training improve performance across a variety of industries.

We believe that by modelling excellence through engaging training interventions, business can create their desired culture in a more proactive, effective and compliant way. Whether this is through our excellent team development interventions, one to one coaching sessions or highly bespoke training programmes, we possess the skills and knowledge to meet your specific requirements such as:

  • Safety behaviour
  • Cultural and values alignment programmes
  • Problem solving and avoidance
  • Leadership and management
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Relationship awareness

Multiple Olympic Gold Medallist Ed Clancy OBE discusses working with Pro-Noctis and the benefits he gains. These principles are easily crossed over into the business world and that is exactly what Pro-Noctis does.

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