The Training Journey of the Trainer... a Discovery of Evaluation & Impact

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The Training Journey of the Trainer… a Discovery of Evaluation & Impact

Posted by: Nathan Abbott
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Here at Pro-Noctis, we believe in practising what you preach, and that’s why as Head of Human Performance I enrolled myself on a 17-day train the trainer programme with Inspire 360.
As human performance consultants, our day job is to support others and help others to become the best they can be, but it’s equally important to set time aside for ourselves, and that we allow ourselves time to fine-tune our training skills, and to focus on our own development personally and professionally.

Training is, after all, a cycle, subject matter knowledge is of course key, but so is the delivery of the training, and how you evaluate the training and its benefit to attendees. It’s about us wanting to support you to be the best you can be, by being the best we can be.

2 ½ weeks later, and these are my big takeaways…

It was tough, challenging and very well supported. Fortunately, I am someone who likes to be challenged, so challenge and support are a combination that I like to see together when we are creating learning environments!

The aim of the programme was to qualify as an NLP Trainer, you will be pleased to know I did!

This was not only a great opportunity for learning but also allows me to further develop the Pro-Noctis Performance Academy.

Training programmes are of course nothing new for a trainer, I suppose you could compare it to bringing snow to the Eskimos, but each learning programme has been beneficial and shaped the way I deliver to a lesser or greater extent.

I guess I prescribe to a pedagogy, approach to learning if you will, that works for me and it is good to have that challenged and adapted.

Going forward and I have added a different framework to provide structure for the content which I will weave into my current structure. I have also learnt what excellent people do in the learning space, again, some more bits to add to my approach.

My biggest reflection on the experience is the impact of a supportive and challenging approach as part of the learning environment. Yes, we had to pass 4 separate elements to graduate; however, we were well supported throughout and able to ask for help when required.

It chimes with the Pro-Noctis approach to a learning environment where the challenge can be set as required for the learner as well as the offer of support, where required, in a non-judgmental fashion.

As these elements were in play during the programme I felt very engaged in the learning process, and find myself chomping at the bit to get back to the classroom.

If I have inspired you to consider personal development, why not check out the Pro-Noctis Performance Academy and our award-winning and ILM training courses on individual and human

Roll on the first delivery day of training!!!

Author: Nathan Abbott
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