Still serving? How an ILM Course can support your military career

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Still serving? How an ILM Course can support your military career

Posted by: Nathan Abbott
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military people in an ILM Coaching and Mentoring course.

In a previous article, we looked at ILM Coaching and Mentoring opportunities for ex-service personnel using their ELCAS funding. But, what about those of you who are still serving? Well, in short, an ILM Coaching and Mentoring course is ideal for those in the military.

We have plenty of training options available to support service personnel with ILM Coaching and Mentoring qualifications. Military personnel are also eligible for funding support from the MoD’s ELCAS scheme. Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS) are available to current serving and ex-military personnel and cover a significant portion of a course’s tuition fees.

As an accredited ELCAS provider, Pro-Noctis offers funded places on our ILM 5 and ILM7 courses for servicemen and women. ILM is an internationally recognised qualification in coaching and mentoring, and is highly valued and recognised by the armed forces. It’s a great way for you to gain experience, skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to your work. What’s more, the leadership and performance benefits to those serving in the military are significant.

Why ILM Coaching and Mentoring?

Undertaking an ILM course while serving in the military can offer numerous benefits for your personal and professional life. The Coaching and Mentoring courses provide valuable insights and skills that are directly related to leadership development. Coaching and mentoring conversations present a softer and more empowering approach to discussions around leadership, putting the responsibility of development back with the individual. Metaphorically speaking, they add extra golf clubs to your leadership bag!

Coaching and Mentoring is proven to contribute to positive team cohesion and overall effectiveness. Great coaches are often synonymous with great leaders – they know how to get the best from other people. The ability to foster a positive team culture, where individuals support each other’s growth and development, is essential in the military. Not only can it improve performance, but it directly contributes to higher morale and improved wellbeing. When individuals feel supported and invested in, it positively influences how they operate.

Our Coaching and Mentoring courses also focus on effective communication and improving communication skills. This is an essential aspect of all leadership roles and is especially key in the military. Learning effective coaching and mentoring techniques enhance the ability to communicate clearly, inspire confidence, and build strong relationships within your units.

There is also valuable learning that focuses on individual growth. Coaching and mentoring courses encourage personalised development plans. Participants can tailor their coaching approach to address their unique needs and goals. This considered personal knowledge and awareness often enhances someone’s leadership capabilities as they gain a thorough understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. In turn, it develops an ability to adapt management styles to different personalities, situations, and challenges.

So, why choose Pro-Noctis?

As we have mentioned before, several of our team are ex-military (including myself and our MD Phil). We know what being in the services entails when it comes to your work, career, and development. We also know the benefit of external influences and input.

We bring some dramatically different perspectives and techniques when it comes to teaching coaching and mentoring. Pro-Noctis can help you apply these perspectives and techniques into your contexts, and help you become even more effective in the coaching and mentoring space.

Having worked with numerous high-performing organisations, we recognise the effect coaching and mentoring can have on a workplace. Developing a pool of internal coaches, able to have effective conversations, up and down the rank structure is key to performance.  The ability to step out of the regular chain of command to have constructive conversations is ultimately a force multiplier.

An ILM coaching and mentoring course will equip you, as military personnel, with valuable skills. These skills not only enhance leadership and communication for better team dynamics but also support personal and professional development for individuals. Using tailored coaching skills, we can broaden our ability to lead effectively, create better connections with those we lead, and empower and inspire people.

So, what comes next?  If you are interested in finding out more about our ILM course, ELCAS funding, or organising a course for your unit, please get in touch right here.

Author: Nathan Abbott
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