07 Dec
2022 the year of you

New Year is usually a time for New Year’s ‘resolutions’, a time where our desire to better ourselves seems to be at its peak, and we are motivated to make the changes to be fitter, healthier, and happier.  “New Year, New you”, the catchphrase, speaks to us on so many levels, and it’s not always...

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16 Nov
Jo Tindley joins team Pro-Noctis off the bike as well as on!

Jo Tindley, perhaps best known as part of the elite women’s cycling team Pro-Noctis- Red Chilli Bikes-Heidi Kjeldsen has become the latest recruit for team Pro-Noctis as she joins the human performance specialist company as Brand Ambassador and Performance Consultant. Jo is one of the most experienced riders in the British Peloton and was recently crowned British...

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08 Nov
What does it take to win? The missing piece…

With the British National Cycling Championships just around the corner and a string of second-place finishes throughout the season, including at the televised Tour Series, Jo Tindley from team Pro-Noctis – Red Chilli Bikes – Heidi Kjeldsen had the podium in her sights. As title sponsors, we are undoubtedly the team’s biggest cheerleader, but we...

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15 Oct
how fuelled are you
How fuelled are you?

No, I’m not talking about last month’s fuel shortage!🙄 Instead, I’m talking about body fuel. Are you full of beans, do you have the energy to burn? Or rather are you burning the candle at both ends? We find ourselves socialising once more, our lives no longer revolve around our homes, we are going out,...

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05 Oct
NLP Trainer
The Training Journey of the Trainer… a Discovery of Evaluation & Impact

Here at Pro-Noctis, we believe in practising what you preach, and that’s why as Head of Human Performance I enrolled myself on a 17-day train the trainer programme with Inspire 360. As human performance consultants, our day job is to support others and help others to become the best they can be, but it’s equally...

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22 Sep
Leading by example- the Ed Clancy way!

After another 5 years of dedication and sacrifice, it was whilst warming down after the first qualifying round at Tokyo 2020 when it dawned on our ambassador Ed Clancy, the most successful team pursuit rider in the history of the event that he had to make the most important decision of his glittering career. And...

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07 Sep
It’s not how you fall, but how you get back up

As we emerge from a summer of sporting success, we naturally look back at the winners, those that made us smile, those that amazed us, and those whose love of knitting kept a nation amused for 17 days of summer.  TeamGB’s performance in Tokyo has been hailed as the greatest achievement in British Olympic history,...

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12 Aug
Why sponsor a women’s cycling team?

Did you know the UK is the only country whose attendance at sports events is greater than its population? Fact. In 2019 UK sport was enjoyed live by 75.1M people… wow! So in a year of lockdown, and invisible competition, why have we chosen to sponsor a new elite women’s cycling team?  Well, it’s simple,...

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19 Jul
Who do you Trust?Building Trust in a remote working environment
Who do you Trust? …Building Trust in a remote working environment

[FREE RESOURCE] FREE copy of The Top 10 Tips to Building Trust in a Remote Workplace. As a child I was told, “Trust is earned not given” the saying stuck with me, and as we adapt to a new world of hybrid working, I find myself pondering its meaning.  To say trust is earned is...

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07 Jul
Resilience in a remote world… how we can all learn lessons from Gareth Southgate!
Resilience in a remote world… how we can all learn lessons from Gareth Southgate!

Like every team, the England football team has good days and it has bad days, last weekend was a very good day, and we are hoping for another good day today. 🤞 The defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016, was not such a good day! 🤦 However; we can recover from setbacks, it is our...

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