Conrad Mepham-Stone

Trainer & Coach

Currently, in the final year of 15 years’ service with the RAF, Conrad is combining two of his passions; Coaching and Training. His RAF service has seen him deliver life-saving training in Force Protection to personnel deploying to high-threat operational areas, training the trainers who guide and support new recruits, in addition to his own extensive experience in highly stressful and fast-paced operational theatres. Conrad knows the
value of teamwork, effective leadership and the power of communication. After discovering the merits of coaching for performance, Conrad pursued his studies and practice in this area qualifying as a trainer of NLP & Hypnosis.

His approach to coaching is compassionate and flexible. Working at his clients’ pace, he believes in being a maximalist in conversation and minimalist in intervention, taking the time to carefully listen
to clients, constructively question, and only offer the tools or techniques he feels will make the difference. He regularly facilitates training through his Interpersonal Communication Skills package, offering 1:1 coaching sessions, or coaching with Hypnosis. Passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience in training within the coaching space, Conrad is currently in the early stages of starting his own school teaching NLP and Hypnosis.

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