Sally Strazzanti

Sally Strazzanti

Senior ILM Tutor

Sally is a Master NLP practitioner and ILM tutor. Highly motivated, highly experienced, and always enthusiastic, she is an expert executive coach, mentor and facilitator. Sally has extensive cross-sector experience delivering ILM accredited coaching and mentoring programmes working with teams, organisations and individuals to achieve high performance and clear outcomes.

Prior to working with Pro-Noctis, Sally held numerous Senior level roles within both public and private sector organisations, including within The NHS for 18 years (eight years at Board level). Sally has over 10 years of ILM accredited Leadership and Management experience, including running a leading ILM coaching and mentoring centres in UK. She is also an ILM national conference speaker

Sally’s approach is to involve, facilitate and motivate individuals, teams, and organisations to be successful through using a number of practical tools and techniques, to challenge, accelerate learning and create a strong value base.

"We can help your key decision makers and future leaders to have the confidence and
mindset needed to further drive your ongoing organisational growth”

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