Jane Viljoen

Jane Viljoen

Psychologist and Executive Coach

Jane is a multi-award-winning Corporate Psychologist, specialising in the field of developing emotional intelligence, coaching & mentoring, communication, leadership, increasing personal impact and maximising human potential. She has been a Psychologist for 18 years, founded 3 successful consultancies and partnered with multiple entrepreneurs to set up and deliver business solutions with a psychological twist.

As the founder of Best Hopes Coaching and Consulting, she supports organisations with team and leadership development programmes and leverages a combination of neuroscience and positive psychology for improved self-management, communication, and engagement. As well as speaking at conferences and events, she works with teams and delivers 1-1 coaching for clients across the world.

Most recently, Jane founded the Exducis Code, an immersive leadership retreat serving executive leaders.

Jane is experienced in team facilitation, keynote delivery, workshop hosting and facilitation, conference breakout facilitation and recording video/podcast interviews.

"With one foot in the world of business, and the other firmly standing in science-based development, I am well placed to help people see the world through different lenses. I focus on enabling others to thrive and reach their potential."

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