We were delighted to be asked to contribute to the 2020 edition of Your Business Magazine. The magazine is owned by James Caan, of Dragons Den fame, and is aimed at positively influencing as many businesses as possible. One of this year’s themes was Human Performance and it was a natural fit for us to contribute. Our MD, Phil Kelly, and Senior Consultant, Nathan Abbott, were interviewed on numerous occasions and feature in many topics throughout this edition. As experts in Human Performance, the conversations naturally veered onto our specialist field of coaching and those topics can be found at pages 232 – 237. Not only that, there is other great content in there so take a look at the digital version here.

Multimillionaire James Caan has run dozens of businesses including Alexander Mann; the first business he built from scratch and sold at its peak with a turnover of £130 million. He went on to set up Humana International, a headhunting company that grew to become 147 offices in 30 countries and sold his stake in that before setting up private equity company Hamilton Bradshaw 12 years ago, which doubled in size year on year from 2012-2014 and is still on the up. What he doesn’t know about business and building them from the ground up isn’t worth knowing. 


If you want to learn more about ILM Training providers & Human Performance specialists, Pro-Noctis visit our home page.

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