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Episode 8 – Cherie Pridham – Cycling Legend

Phil is joined by Israel Start-Up Nation’s new Sports Director Cherie Pridham! They talk about Cherie’s working history, how Covid put the final nail in the coffin for Vitus Pro Cycling team and how she was quickly appointed to her new position. Lisa goes on to talk about her experience being the first-ever female Sports Director for a men’s WorldTour level cycling team!

Topics Discussed: 

  • Cherie’s racing career and how it influenced her professional career.
  • How Covid affected Cherie’s previous team ‘Vitus Pro Cycling’, and how Covid led to a lack of sponsorship which led to the team having to close down.
  • The psychology behind this decision, and how it affected Cherie emotionally. 
  • How, even if Covid hadn’t happened, recent changes in the cycling industry were making funding a lot more difficult anyway. There was a change after 2017 which changed the landscape of cycling, which Covid may hopefully highlight to trigger future change.
  • Cherie’s look for ‘real-world jobs during the worst periods of the Covid Pandemic.
  • Cherie’s decision to start reaching out to WorldTour teams, and how she received very swift and positive responses from Israel Start-Up Nation.
  • How Cherie got a job offer from Israel Start-Up Nation the same day she closed down the Vitus Pro Cycling Team and the mixed emotions she received during this period.
  • The relief Cherie felt when she did close down the team, as all the issues she was having had all of a sudden disappeared. 
  • How Cherie is now the first-ever female Sports Director of any WorldTour Men’s Cycling Team, and how she didn’t think about this when she was looking for the job.
  • How Cherie had the same approach during her riding career and never really thought about the fact she was a woman in a male-dominated sport. 
  • How men tend to struggle more with women being in the room/sport than women do.
  • Cherie’s hit and run accident which ended her racing career and paved her route into being a Sport’s Director.
  • The problems women have with being in leadership positions when pushing back against sexism, and how Cherie has found confidence will get you through this.
  • How Cherie’s excitement for her new position has now dissipated and she is now just wanting to crack on with the work that needs to be done.
  •  Covid’s effect on Israel Start-Up Nation’s future plans and approach.
  • The number of staff members for Israel Start-Up Nation and the difficulty this causes when planning races etc. 
  • The challenges Cherie faced when changing jobs.
  • The logistics involved in travelling during Covid times, and the large amount of paperwork involved. 
  • Cherie’s proudest cycling accomplishment.
  • Cherie’s Sporting Hero.
  • The three guests Cherie would invite to her retirement party.
  • Cherie’s one wish for 2021.


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