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[Case Study] South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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1. South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH) is a large, acute hospital providing healthcare for the people of North East England.
2. STH has been working to improve staff performance, specifically patient care by implementing new technologies and working practices and developing their workforce through coaching & mentoring courses with human performance specialists Pro-Noctis to serve patients better.
3. The project has resulted in significant improvements in efficiency, throughput and quality of care, all outlined in the case study below.

Case study (1)


The South Tees Hospital Trust is a wonderful example of an organization undertaking organisational change – aiming for human performance improvement.


Despite the relatively high level of risk associated with healthcare – roughly one in ten patients admitted to hospital in developed countries suffers some form of medical error – systematic attempts to improve safety and the transformations in culture, attitude, leadership and working practices necessary to drive that improvement are at an early stage.”1 According to Guy Hirst, medicine is probably more complex than any other field of human endeavour, and patients are far more complex and idiosyncratic than aircraft, ships or power stations. (medicalprotection.org)


Along with the trust, we identified a number of performance gaps and created a long-term action plan. The colleagues, who responded to feedback brilliantly, engaged with the human performance improvement training and have been both supportive and challenging in seeking performance gains.  As always there is no single solution to helping the Trust close its performance gaps so we provided multiple solutions that have allowed a variety of individual needs to be met with a systematic approach to preventing human error
Nathan Abbott – Pro-Noctis | Human Performance Consultant
If any of the topics discussed in the case study resonate with you or you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your organisational goals then contact Pro-Noctis for a free consultation.

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