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Thursday 27th June saw the team at Pro-Noctis take home a prestigious Culture award at The Lotus Awards ceremony, which took place at the infamous The Scotch of St James nightclub in Masons Yard, London.

The award recognised the team’s partnership with Canada Life, a working relationship born from a market testing process. Pro-Noctis were challenged with creating a bespoke trailblazing leadership development programme, which aimed to prepare a specific department within Canada Life for a more extensive group transformation project.

The course was designed specifically for Canada Life to inspire early staff engagement, a process honed and tailored by engaging with all staff at an inception level. Over a 12-week period, candidates were presented with bite-size, 90-minute sessions, which focused on such issues as effective communication, leadership mindset, resilience, stress management, empathy, and decision making. These modules were further complemented by bespoke one-to-one coaching to further infuse learning at an individual level.

The course was presented by Project Lead and Pro-Noctis Director, Phil Kelly, whose style of presentation was praised by participants as engaging, and helped to make the subjects under discussion relevant and real.
Speaking of their experience of working with Pro-Noctis, a Canada Life participant said:
“There was a lot of understanding around psychology, and it was interesting to understand this to be able to prepare and work directly with people. It was interesting in being able to learn these techniques and apply them, not only at work but also our personal lives.

“The course was an excellent use of my time, and I found myself looking forward each week to the topics and the active discussions. What was also interesting was the way that each session interlaced with the next. Phil was extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter and could easily provide examples to place into context the learning.

“This was done in a manner that kept the sessions engaging and was not reading off notes but utilising examples and media techniques. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging experience and I feel I walk away from the programme being well educated.”

Phil’s module balanced theory and practical exercises and covered a broad scope of topics with input from differing perspectives from other delegates on the course.

Following on from the programme, Pro-Noctis conducted anonymous feedback from the programme’s participants. 94% of course attendees agreed that the sessions were engaging, while 96% would recommend Pro-Noctis’ development programme to colleagues.

If you are interested in enrolling your company onto one of Pro-Noctis’ bespoke leadership programmes, you can get in touch with the team by visiting Pro-Noctis.

Author: Snug Media