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Episode 5 – Phil Jones MBE – MD Brother U.K.

Phil is joined by the Managing Director of Brother UK Phil Jones! They talk about the importance of personal growth and development in leadership, tactics for running a healthy and happy workplace and the challenges all businesses have faced during Covid-19. Phil talks about his humble upbringings, and how he is grateful for all of it as it’s allowed him to be such an effective leader today.

Topics Discussed:

  • Brother UK during Covid-19, and Phil Jones approach towards his staff during this difficult period.
  • Phil Jones’ rise to becoming the MD at Brother UK, and his humble beginnings.
  • Phil Jones aspiration to make Brother UK a compassionate company, and that the staff all feel seen, appreciated and valued.
  • The integral role of leadership in creating a good compassionate culture, and how many CEOs think this can be outsourced to other departments.
  • How all companies are dysfunctional, and how the best companies just manage this dysfunction more successfully.
  • The importance of asking your employees what is going on in their lives, and making sure the working environment is safe enough for them to be honest and open.
  • How some CEOs are unwilling to take any role in the improvement of their work culture, and how this lack of care results in disengaged employees.
  • Phil Jones’ experience with being a bad manager when he was the Sales Director of Brother UK, and how the personal development he took at this time helped him become a much better manager.
  • How difficult it was for Phil Jones when undergoing this Personal Development, as he had to calibrate who he felt like he was on the inside with how people actually saw him.
  • How people believe that the behaviours that got them to where they are now are the same ones that will get them to the next stage, and how this is not true.
  • Mastery of subject matter and mastery of self, and how Phil Jones believes this will help you achieve in a business environment.
  • The importance of having support from other people when going through a personal development journey, and how men, in particular, can struggle to ask for this support.
  • Finding other people who speak a similar language to you, and how you tend to find them when you work more on yourself.
  • Phil Jones’ Correlative Leadership Framework, and the four pillars; Physical, Emotional, Digital and Spiritual.
  • How many people roll their eyes at the mention of Spirituality, but how it is everyone deals with in their life.
  • Being human, and the importance as a leader or a manager by making sure that your employees feel seen and cared for.
  • The issues that have risen with remote working, and how it’s harder to find employees who are having problems as it is easier to hide.
  • Phil Jones’ practice of factoring in time to be with people in his business and make sure they are all fine, and his Out, On, In framework.
  • Phil Jones’ experience giving a talk to 200 old school CEOs about emotional leadership, and how they didn’t it.
  • The difficulty in helping someone to be more emotionally aware, and how you need to undergo a journey of personal development in order to do this.
  • How we learn our leadership styles from our past leaders, even if we don’t like them, and how Phil Jones is appreciative that has worked many different jobs as he had experienced bad management.
  • The importance of leading by example.
  • The importance of congruence and cultivating that.
  • How putting people first will ultimately help your bottom line.
  • The importance of cultivating trust through not just your words, but through cementing those words with actions afterwards.
  • Phil Jones’ experience during Covid-19, and how much he cares for all of those who work for him and their situations as well.
  • Phil Jones’ DESK approach to self care; Diet, Exercise, Sleep and Kindness to Yourself.
  • How showing your employees your emotions and vulnerability can help connect you with them.
  • Phil Jones’ Sporting Hero
  • Phil Jones’ Non-Sporting Hero
  • Phil Jones’ 2021 personal goal
  • Phil Jones’ top post-Covid plan
  • Phil Jones’ top three leadership skills; know yourself, read a lot and listen a lot.


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