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Posted by: Emma Rouse
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Pro-Noctis Human Performance, teams up with Firstbeat Technologies to bring the power of science into the workplace. The new strategic partnership will equip employers with meaningful insight, and actionable advice and guidance, that will help them to boost efficiency, and create a happier more resilient workforce.

Firstbeat Technologies are a leading sports and wellness technology company, that in 2020 launched Firstbeat Life. The unique technology used in Firstbeat’s wellness solution has helped over 10,000 organisations, revolutionise employee support, empowering over 300,000 employees to reach their health and performance potential.

The strategic partnership will add another arrow to the Pro-Noctis bow, enabling the team to offer a physiological level of support. Providing data-driven coaching and training that will enhance the performance and wellbeing of organisations, and assist in the fight against stress, anxiety and burnout.

Pro-Noctis Managing Director, Phil Kelly said:

“I have personally tested the Firstbeat technology myself, and found the insight into my physical activity, recovery, stress, and even my sleep levels fascinating. I now understand how my body reacts to different events scientifically, and feel well informed to make changes. Life is indeed a balancing act.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Firstbeat, and look forward to working with our clients to provide them with a detailed understanding of organisational wellbeing. I am confident that the addition of this new technology to our offering, will support individuals and organisations to introduce meaningful changes, that will help them achieve a healthier balance.”

Firstbeat technology works holistically, via a highly accurate personal sensor that monitors heart rate variability (HRV). The sensor synchs to the Firstbeat Life app, where users can view a detailed understanding of their body’s reactions. Individuals can see for example the impact of a busy day, a restless night, and a hectic schedule.

Firstbeat Technologies Key Account Manager, Phil Walker said:

“At Firstbeat, our aim is to help employers and employees promote health, prevent health risks, and perform at their best. The Firstbeat Life solution does this by combining accurate physiological measurements with company-level health risk management.

Partnering with specialists like Pro-Noctis is a vital part of the process, too, as they can use their experience and expertise alongside our data to support and guide their clients – ultimately leading to happier and healthier workplaces.”

The technology operates on a personal level, yet importantly organisational reporting remains anonymous. Individual data is personal, and employers receive only corporate-level data. However; this physiological data, gives employers the science-backed confidence to create a caring work environment, with resilient employees and boost employee efficiency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the importance of employee well-being, companies have had to adapt and embrace new ways of working. As the challenge ensures; Pro-Noctis and Firstbeat will go forward as partners, supporting companies to develop their wellness strategies, leading with data to build a workforce that epitomises human performance.

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Author: Emma Rouse