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Episode 3 – Martin Offiah – Rugby League Hall of Famer.

Phil is joined by Rugby Hall-of-Famer and Legend Martin Offiah! They talk about Martin’s highlight-filled career and the many aspects of his mindset that helped him accomplish this. They speak about how adversity, when faced in the correct way, can fuel someone’s elite performance.

Topics Discussed:

  • Martin’s 10-try game, and how unbelievable it seems to him looking back. 
  • How creating a legendary moment in sport is what builds a legacy.
  • How Martin was always striving to be the best he could be, and how the adversity he faced inspired him to prove people wrong.
  • The importance of legacy for Martin, and how he wasn’t happy until he felt he had achieved that.
  • How, after his famous game at Wembley in 1994, he knew he had finally created the legacy he was striving to.
  • The luck involved in being given a moment like his try at Wembley, and how many great people are forgotten.
  • The importance of keeping faith and keeping your head up, as something will come along if you keep working hard.
  • All of the research and thought goes through Martin’s head when he was playing Rugby, and how there is more to him than a player than just being fast.
  • The costs of success, and how Martin made a lot of sacrifices during his career. 
  • The importance of having balance in life, and not focusing too much on work or too much on play.
  • Striving for your goals, and how you are often happiest when you are on the journey, and not when you are at the destination.
  • The drop-off sportsmen experience after they retire, the benefits their discipline gives them but the negatives a somewhat sheltered life gives them when moving on to new careers. 
  • Martin’s experience with this, and his techniques for dealing with working in an office environment.
  • Longevity, and how important it is in being a memorable person, whether you are a sportsman or something else.
  • The importance of being prepared to risk everything in order to achieve what you want to get.
  • Martin’s tips for achieving at life; being passionate and surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and are interested in what you are interested in
  • How taking small steps everyday can make a huge change in your life.
  • How people always try to discount Martin’s successes because he is black.
  • Martin’s passion in making the world a better place, and making positivity out of the negativity he faced
  • Examples of Martin’s experience with racism, and how he chose to fight back by performing well on the pitch
  • Martin’s experience with anxiety, and how he has learnt to manifest it positively and let it fuel him to perform 
  • The adrenaline buzz Rugby gives a player, and how that contributes to the drop-off
  • How Martin got just as much of a buzz from scoring a Try when we was at school as he did when he did it professionally
  • The importance of taking feedback and dealing with it in a positive way, and how it can be a powerful learning experience
  • How everyone is special but no one person is more special than someone else. We all have our skills and it’s up to us to tap into them
  • Destiny, and how it seems that some things are simply meant to happen
  • Martin’s current career at Connected Kerb, how he found himself in that job, and why he is passionate about it
  • Martin’s Sporting and Non-Sporting Role Models
  • Martin’s proudest moment
  • Martin’s statue, and his love for it
  • Martin’s main goal for the future
  • Martin’s one wish


Martin Offiah’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/martin_chariots_offiah/

Martin Offiah’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-offiah-m-b-e-127a2540/

Martin Offiah’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/martinoffiah?

Connect Kerb – https://www.connectedkerb.com/

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