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Introducing Phil Jones MBE

Posted by: Phil Kelly
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Phil Jones MBE

We are incredibly excited to welcome Phil Jones MBE as a keynote speaker at the High-Performance Coaching Seminar! 

Have you ever considered why certain individuals appear to consistently achieve their goals? Do you find yourself wishing you could tap into their seemingly unwavering clarity, discipline, and purpose?

Phil Jones has formulated what he considers the blueprint for this consistent success. By drawing insights from patterns that he has observed amongst elite athletes, high-flying entrepreneurs, and business leaders, Phil has homed in on the key attributes and behaviours that, when applied effectively, can significantly amplify someone’s ability to achieve their objectives.

Like our other speakers, Phil’s beliefs have been exemplified through his own journey. Now the Managing Director of Brother UK, a prominent Information, Communication, and Technology company, Phil’s career began as a fax salesperson at Brother UK in 1994. His ascension to Managing Director is nothing short of inspiring. His contributions to business were recognised in 2016 when he was awarded an MBE in the June Birthday Honours List.

Before his appearance at the Coaching Seminar, Phil offered us a glimpse at what high performance really entails…

Hi Phil! What characteristics do you believe to be commonly associated with high performers?

Most commonly, high performance can be associated with a strong mindset and an ability to endure. However, it’s much more than that. It’s also the ability to problem solve, to self-direct, to collaborate and to show resourcefulness in the face of challenge. Your mindset is always the foundation, but when it is combined with a practical skillset, that’s when can take you places.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is the power of positive pragmatism over relentless positivity. That has helped me more in business.

Do you believe everyone can be a high performer? If so, how can someone become a high performer?

Yes – when we have a common understanding of what high performance means to you and those around you. The journey to high performance can be challenging and requires a lot of self-awareness and self-reflection. It is more than a motivational poster, it’s about your ability to grow from all experiences and hear feedback even when it’s tough!

What do you believe to be the most common barriers to performance?

It can be an endless list. However, distraction is a big one. It can be very difficult with the demands of modern life such as devices, the need to be seen to be hyper-busy – what Brad Stulberg calls “Heroic Individualism,” etc.  It can be exhausting thinking you need to communicate to your network about your achievements when in fact your time may be better spent in thought or action.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is the power of positive pragmatism over relentless positivity.

Who – or what – are your inspirations when it comes to high performance?

I always like to hear from Allistair McCaw who has written many books on sporting achievement and champion-mindedness. I’ve been lucky to have dinner with him a couple of times when he has been here in the UK, and I like how he writes.

Do you have experience of being coached? If so, could you describe your experience?

Yes, I have worked with business and sports psychologists in my career with Brother UK. I found it both challenging and enlightening at the same time. Like all coaches, building rapport and a trusting and deep relationship is at the core of everything.

The biggest value of coaching, for me, was it helped with perspective. It’s easy to be trapped in your own echo chamber, which is never helpful, particularly if the chamber is full of your own distortions.

What are you most looking forward to about the Pro-Noctis High-Performance Coaching Seminar?

Hearing new thoughts and meeting new people – always!

Well, we can’t wait to hear Phil’s thoughts! It promises to be an enlightening and motivational session for anyone seeking to elevate their approach to coaching.


Whether you are a seasoned coach or just beginning your coaching journey, the High-Performance Coaching Seminar promises to provide an in-depth look at how you can inspire and support people to achieve their goals. Held at the prestigious Lilleshall National Sports Centre, you can expect to spend a day fully immersed in engaging workshops, and supervised sessions, all whilst gaining invaluable insights from leading coaching experts. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your skills and learn from VIP guest speakers, each of whom is the epitome of high performance. Join us and unlock your full potential as a coach.

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Author: Phil Kelly
An award-winning business owner and TED presenter, Phil lives and breaths performance. Having designed and delivered successful training packages across various industries worldwide, he now spends most of his time within business development and consulting. Phil Kelly
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