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Episode 2 – Ed Clancy – 3 x Olympic Cycling Champion.

Phil is joined by 3 x Olympic Gold Medalist Cyclist and the new P3 Podcast Co-host; Ed Clancy! They talk about Ed’s thoughts on what makes a great cyclist, the mindset one must develop in order to succeed in the world of cycling, and how Ed has learnt through the high and low points of his career to stay focused on what makes him happy.

Topics Discussed:

  • Ed’s presence on the previous episode, and his new role as the rolling co-host of the P3 Podcast!
  • The advice Ed would give himself as a youngster if he could; how it’s important not to focus too much on material pursuits and accolades, and focus instead on being happy, humble and good to those around you. 
  • The olympics and sports bubble that athletes such as Ed experience during the olympic cycle, Ed’s experience with it and how he has learnt to handle it over the years.
  • How some people, such as Geraint, are naturally more positive, and how Ed feels like he is almost the opposite of that. 
  • The importance of being centered and knowing your own self worth when it comes to achieving your goals. 
  • How over-analysing can be a strength and a weakness, and how it may have caused Ed’s negativity in the past.
  • Ed’s experience with leadership, how it’s often thrusted upon someone, and how Ed learnt from his failures with leading when he was younger and improved upon them.
  • How Ed and Phil met during the difficult time surrounding Team Pursuit’s famous terrible result in 2014 and how it helped Ed turn a corner as a result of that.
  • Ed’s back injury, surgery and subsequent recovery during 2015, and how the support he felt and the determination it triggered in Ed helped him go on to do succeedl at Rio 2016. 
  • Phil relates the lessons learnt from Ed’s injury can be related to the world of business. 
  • The importance in not getting complacent and appreciating what you have already done as opposed to always focusing on what’s  next.
  • Ed’s opinion on what common threads Mark Cavendish, Geraint Thomas and Dave Brailsford have, and how their positive mentality may be what has helped them to be so successful.
  • How Cavendish would tell people about his outlandish goals because he wanted to be held accountable, whereas Geraint had a quiet confidence in himself and wouldn’t want to appear arrogant to others.
  • How Cavendish and Geraint both have entirely different personalities on and off the bike.
  • Cavendish’s and Garaint’s good values, and how they are both great people off the bike.  
  • Ed’s two worst ever days on the bike.
  • Ed’s biggest sporting and non-sporting hero.
  • The five guests that Ed would invite to his retirement party.
  • Ed’s future roles with Pro-Noctis, but mainly the Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy, why Ed set it up and why he thinks it is so important for kids to have access to cycling


The Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy – https://www.clancybriggs.co.uk/home

Ed Clancy’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ed.clancy/?hl=en

Ed Clancy’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/ed_clancy?lang=en

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Author: Phil Kelly
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