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Posted by: Phil Kelly
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Coaching can cost a lot less than many seminars. What is the total amount of money that you have you spent on self-help items, such as books, audiocassettes, CD’s, Videos, DVD’s and seminars? Did you spend hundreds – maybe thousands of pounds? What kind of rate of return did you get on your investment? Did you achieve your objectives after you read that book, listened to that CD, watched that DVD or went to that seminar? The aforementioned items most likely contained great information on how to achieve your goals. But did any of those items personally hold you accountable and ensured that you achieved your goals?

If your sink needed fixing and you had no idea how to fix it, would you hire a plumber to fix your sink? Hopefully! A plumber is paid to do something with specific measurable results: fix your sink. If your career needs fixing, what would you do? Coaching goes beyond specific measurable results. Can you put a price on having a career/life that you love? Like any other professional service, coaching costs money. Coaches are educated and trained professionals who provide valuable services. Do you want to be the person who coaches and help others to achieve their goals and ambitions? Pro-Noctis are Human Performance specialists and we work with individuals, teams and companies to improve mindset & performance? We offer a suite of ILM accredited Coaching & Mentoring courses at Level 3, Level 5 & Level 7. Do you want to help fix the sink? Get in touch for more details.

If you would like more information on any of our courses contact us here.

Author: Phil Kelly
An award-winning business owner and TED presenter, Phil lives and breaths performance. Having designed and delivered successful training packages across various industries worldwide, he now spends most of his time within business development and consulting. Phil Kelly
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