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08 Jan
Time to reflect
Reflection: a powerful tool for professional growth

Reflection is more than just reviewing the events or projects of the day. It is a purposeful and mindful practice that involves contemplating both successes and challenges. Taking time to reflect is crucial for personal and professional development, but amidst the demanding world of work, it is easy to get caught up in the pursuit of tasks and goals. So, how can you encourage regular reflection amongst your colleagues? 

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19 Dec
small change
New Year, not-so-new you: The power of small changes.

The new year often brings about a desire to make some changes, and our resolutions often revolve around bettering our performance and wellbeing. The good news is that small changes can have a direct and lasting impact. We are sharing some strategies for making subtle adjustments to your daily routine and mindset, which can help boost your overall performance. By starting small, you can make big strides!

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11 Dec
Ed Clancy OBE speaker
Introducing Ed Clancy OBE

In March, we will be hosting our first ever High-Performance Coaching Seminar! Offering attendees a chance to gain a complete understanding of the power of high-performance coaching, the day will feature talks from FIVE high-performance experts. We are delighted to announce our first speaker: triple Olympic champion and six-time world champion, Ed Clancy OBE.

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27 Nov
An art or a science? How to master Leadership

Mastering leadership, whether you view it as an art or a science, requires a combination of continuous learning, practical experience, and self-awareness. In this article, we look at the 'artistic' and 'scientific' skills that can help you on the journey to mastering leadership.

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24 Oct
Olympic Champion Kelsey Mitchell at the UCI track cycling championship, 2023
Meet Kelsey Mitchell, Olympic Champion cyclist and Pro-Noctis sponsored athlete.

Meet Kelsey Mitchell, Olympic Champion cyclist, and our latest Pro-Noctis sponsored athlete! Currently competing in the UCI Track Champions League, and readying herself for Paris 2024, we asked Kelsey to share some of her winning insights and performance principles...

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16 Oct
Business people holding jigsaw pieces to symbolise a merger.
Come Together: Mergers and Integrating Cultures

The success of a merger relies heavily on a number of factors. Yet, the most underestimated influencer is the compatibility of the workplace cultures involved. A lack of cultural cohesion is often cited as the primary reason integration efforts fail. So, why is culture so key?

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12 Oct
Pro-Noctis moves into the Dubai Market

Pro-Noctis head East! We are delighted to be entering the ever-expanding markets of the Middle East, beginning with a presence based in Dubai.

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19 Sep
Mountains to Climb
Mountains to Climb: Learnings from “The Toughest Amateur Bike Race in The World”, Part 2

Part 2 of our Founder and Managing Director Phil's experience of the toughest amateur bike race in the world. 7 days on a bike, 20100 meters of climbing and 755km travelled...Phil shares his final learnings from the physical and mental challenge of a lifetime!

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11 Sep
WhatsApp Image 2023-09-11 at 15.12.50 (4)
Mountains to Climb: Learnings from “The Toughest Amateur Bike Race in The World”, Part 1

Pro-Noctis Founder and Managing Director, Phil Kelly, has just returned from taking part in the toughest amateur bike race in the world, 'The 7-Day Haute Route Alps'. Phil shares his learning from competing on some of the biggest climbs in cycling, and what it took to get him to the finish line...

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04 Sep
with home and mobile-working practices becoming increasingly commonplace, it can feel impossible to disengage and close off from work.
Back to work? How to Deal with Feeling Overwhelmed

With home and mobile-working practices becoming increasingly commonplace, it can feel impossible to disengage from work. Left unbridled, our all-hours accessibility can easily contribute to feelings of overwhelm. We wanted to share some general tips on how you can find a balance between being on top of things...

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