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Episode 6 – Amy Cokayne – England and Harlequins Women’s Rugby

Director of Pro-Noctis and host of the P3 Podcast Phil Kelly is joined by English Rugby star Amy Cokayne! They talk about Amy’s military career, the influence her family have had on her and her thoughts on the upcoming world cup. Amy also chats about her upbringing in New Zealand and how she ended up playing for the England Rugby Team.

Topics Discussed:

  • Amy’s Rugby career up to this point, how she ended up playing for Harlequins and the great culture there is at the club.
  • The funding players receive at Harlequins, and how generally Female Rugby players don’t receive this.
  • Amy’s move to New Zealand when she was young, and how that transition was for her compared to the rest of her family.
  • Amy’s love for the sport when she was younger, Rugby and Football in particular, and how she ended up sticking with Rugby once she got to New Zealand.
  • New Zealand’s love for Rugby and how that has played a part in Amy’s success.
  • Amy’s transition into playing Women’s Rugby in New Zealand, how it gave her a leg up in her future career, and how she was nervous to begin with.
  • How Amy’s Coach played a part in helping her play for England and introduced her to the England Rugby Team Coaches.
  • Amy’s move back to England, and the decision her family made to come back with her.
  • How Amy and Phil met through her Dad, and the goals they set out for Amy during that meeting.
  • Amy’s first world cup at a young age, the experiences she had at the time and how she views it all now in retrospect.
  • How in elite sport you can use failure and disappointment to drive you forward and motivate you.
  • The next world cup and Amy’s thoughts about it.
  • Amy’s decision to join the RAF, which led her to do it and how it has affected her Rugby career.
  • The importance of perspective in staying motivated.
  • Amy’s focus on the upcoming world cup right now, and how it is her only goal right now.
  • Amy’s desire to have a career with the RAF after her Rugby career.
  • Amy’s competitive family, and their yearly Christmas bench press tradition.
  • Amy’s sporting hero
  • Amy’s non-sporting hero
  • Who Amy would invite to her rugby retirement dinner
  • Who the biggest hooligan on the England Rugby team is
  • Amy’s wish to win the World Cup


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Author: Phil Kelly
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