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3 DAYS & 1750 MILES

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I was given the opportunity to drive for 3 days, taking with me the equipment for an elite sports team to their European championships. Clearly, 3 days of driving in the blazing sunshine is not for all but once there I could then spend more time helping where necessary and essential for my development, spend time with elite coaches and their athletes…. definitely worth the traveling!!  The reality is that as a driver you are trusted with moving a lot of essential equipment safely and efficiently to the destination (border guards between EU countries and Serbia to negotiate with, flexible plan in overnight locations and of course crazy drivers overseas…) and then setting it all up so that the environment is the best possible for athletes to be able to deliver what they train for!! A very small cog in striving for excellence.  Coupled in that is the opportunity to learn from the coaches and be part of a multi-disciplinary team that supports the athletes during the Championship.


As a trainer and coach the word that always comes to the fore, and slightly amorphous, is teamwork and of course, it means different thing to different people.  However, from my experience this team had it. A definite tangible feeling that we were all pulling in the same way.  There was genuine empowerment, flexibility, clear communication and direction, use of initiative, problem-solving and a ‘get the job done’ attitude.  Strangely enough, enormous commonalities with business and military.

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Author: Snug Media