In today’s episode, Phil talks to Scott Simon, the Head Coach of the British Paracanoe Programme. Scott talks about his injuries and his rehabilitation journey and experience in the Invictus Games. Scott discusses his role as the Head Coach of the British Paracanoe Programme, and the skills and mental frameworks which help him do his job effectively.


Topics Discussed:
  • Scott’s from personal coaching to becoming the Head Coach of the Paracanoe Programme, and the injuries he got that took him down this path.
  • Setting goals and sticking to them can help us overcome the difficulties in our lives.
  • Goal setting can help us a lot at the moment as we deal with Covid.
  • Scott’s experience in the Invictus Games and the role they played on his rehabilitation journey. 
  • Scott’s role in the Paracanoe Programme and what he does on the lead-up and during the Paralympic Games.
  • The challenges athletes face during the four-year Paralympic cycle.
  • Covid’s effect on the Paralympics, and how Tokyo being postponed is affecting athletes everywhere. 
  • Flexible leadership and emotional intelligence as the cornerstones in leadership skills required to get us through the Covid period.
  • Scott’s process of decision making.
  • The importance of keeping an open mind and adapting your strategy at all times.
  • How we all have different perspectives and languages and need to be aware of that so we can make sure we are communicating effectively. 
  • Academia’s tendency to paint things black and white when in actuality coaching is more of an art than a science. 
  • Phil talks about the importance of personal development in being an effective leadership coach. Scotty agrees and expands on this, giving examples within his own life.  
  • How Scott is an action-driven person and the positive and negative aspects of that.
  • The importance of recharging and the difficulties in doing this during these current Covid times. 
  • How we should be measuring productivity, not busyness.
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