The P3 Podcast | Episode 2 | Season 1 | Lutalo Muhammad | Olympic Goals

In today’s episode, Phil welcomes British Tawkeondo Athlete and Olympic Medalist Lutalo Muhammed to the show! Lutalo talks about the mentality and goal-driven attitude which helped him overcome his defeat at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Phil and Lutalo chat about the techniques and frameworks they use when approaching challenges, and how Lutalo plans to take this forward into the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Topics Discussed:

  • Lutalo’s training regime during Lockdown.
  • The importance of consistency when wanting to excel in what you do.
  • Being honest with yourself regarding your fears in order to maintain a positive attitude.
  • The link between success and maintaining a good relationship and using the team around you.
  • The two T’s, being Technical and being Tactical.
  • Lutalo’s reading habits which helps him with his approach to life and sport.
  • Lutalo’s different approach to the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Lutalo’s process for dealing with failure and how he overcame it and quickly bounced back.
  • Lutalo’s upbringing and family and the lessons he learnt.
  • Lutalo’s experience and injuries between his defeat in Rio to now.
  • The importance of commitment and how it is much more reliable than motivation.
  • Lutalo’s regular training schedule, and his focus upon recovery.

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