The P3 Podcast | Episode 3 | Season 1 | Jazz Carlin | My Career

In today’s episode, Phil welcomes Competitive Swimmer and Olympic Medalist Jazmin “Jazz” Carlin! Jazz talks about her road to becoming a Competitive Swimmer and the lessons it taught her. She discusses the highs and lows of her career, and how she has now moved on to teaching others.

Topic’s Discussed:
  • Jazz’s training during Lockdown, and how it has helped her mental health during these times.
  • The importance of rest and recovery and listening to your body.
  • Jazz’s good and bad experiences with her coaches, and how they helped her in her career.
  • Jazz’s young career, and how her family helped her develop and eventually go pro.
  • The environment of the First Team when Jazz joined. 
  • The difference between racing solo and racing relay.
  • Jazz’s love for nerves, and how she uses them to help her race faster.
  • Jazz’s experience at the commonwealth games.
  • How goal driven athletes often don’t stop and reflect on their accomplishments. 
  • The injury that made Jazz miss London 2012.
  • How the Commonwealth Games in 2014 helped Jazz get over her lack of confidence after missing London 2012.
  • Jazz’s experience getting to Rio and what it was like to come back after missing London 2012, and what it was like to walk away after winning two silver medals.
  • How the friendships made during her time as an athlete were much more valuable to Jazz than the medals she won.
  • The difference in training in open water and training in the pool.
  • Jazz’s experience with the ‘Olympic blues’. 
  • Jazz’s website ‘Swim With Jazz’ and her desire to help others succeed in swimming. 
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