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n today’s episode, Phil and Nath sit down with Award-Winning Psychologist and Executive Coach Jane Viljoen. Lockdown still in its early stages, they all talk about how businesses have been affected internally. They discuss tactics and strategies that businesses could be employing right now in order to ensure their workplace is as happy and efficient as possible.


Topics Discussed:
  • Lockdown and how it has affected work and life for all of us, namely by forcing us to change our routines.
  • The difficulty in resisting temptation during Lockdown.
  • How Lockdown has businesses questioning who is essential and non-essential to the workplace. 
  • Discipline is a key attribute to working from home successfully. 
  • The lengthy process of settling into a new routine and tips that can make that transition easier.
  • Strategies we can use to remain calm during stressful situations.
  • The importance of remembering the human element of leadership. 
  • How you can use feedback from your team to continually adapt your strategy as a business which will be good  for both the business and your relationship with your staff.
  • How in these times it’s important to be assertive to ensure changes that need to happen in the workplace do happen.
  • The fear of enforcing accountability in the workplace and some tips for how we can overcome this fear in practical steps.
  • Strategies for having difficult conversations and discerning whether or not they need to be had.
  • The importance of treating people as individuals when addressing problems in the workplace.
  • Jane’s top ‘Self Check’ questions; questions that help ground you and make you aware of how you are currently doing.
  • How to develop a good coaching culture, so that businesses are more open to hiring them.
  • Jane’s experience with treating burnout, and how her form of coaching can help people get back to work and on with their lives. 
  • How gaining perspective can help us overcome difficulties in our lives.
  • Nat and Phil’s favourite military models for leadership.
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