In today’s episode, Phil and Nath talk to Dan Cooke, the Operations Director of the Emergency Search and Rescue Charity; ‘Serve On’. Dan talks about his background and how it led him to the world of Emergency Rescuing. Dan describes the kind of work ‘Serve On’ do, and what it takes to be a competent Emergency Rescuer.


Topics Discussed:
  • Dan’s background and the road he took to eventually becoming Operations Director at Serve On.
  • What it’s like to be an Emergency Rescuer, and what kind of people this job attracts.
  • The positive impact of being an Emergency can have on a person who is unsure of what to do with their life.
  • How Serve On is helping out with the COVID Pandemic, and how they are adapting to working in a more virtual way.
  • The essence of Purpose, how integral it is at Serve On, and how it gives the team something to stick to during uncertainty and fearful times, allowing them to work more effectively.
  • Calmness and its key role in Emergency Rescuing.
  • The value of communication skills in Emergency Rescuing and all industries as a whole.
  • How Emotional Intelligence is more important than traditional intelligence.
  • Dan’s experiences on the field as an emergency rescuer, and how the most important thing is treating people with care and empathy. 
  • The importance of self-care, especially in people working to help others, in making sure you are working effectively. 
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