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Posted by: Phil Kelly
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In today’s episode, Phil speaks to Ex-Royal Marine and Co-Founder of TEAM Bootcamp Craig Williams. They discuss Craig’s upbringing and his time in the Marines in which he was a leader and a sniper. Craig then talks about his troubles with the law, and how he ended up in prison and, after that, on the streets for a while. He describes how he built his own business whilst homeless and managed to get off of the streets.


Topics Discussed:
  • Craig’s childhood, his natural adventurousness, and his experience of playing rugby as a young adult.
  • Craig’s love for being outdoors and how it brought him to the Marines. 
  • Craig’s first Marine interview and how he was turned away so he could explore other avenues. 
  • What it is like to train to be Marines at such a young age and the conditioning involved.
  • The fine line between conditioning and bullying and how things have changed a lot in the Military since Craig was there.
  • Craig’s experience serving for the Marines, the places he went, and the sports he played whilst there. 
  • How it took Craig a while to properly fall into his role as a soldier and eventually grow to be a leader. 
  • Craig’s ascent in the Marines and some specific examples of some of the tours he went on and what it was like. 
  • The roles and responsibilities of being a Sniper and what it is like on the battlefield. 
  • The importance of clarity in goals in order for a team to work efficiently.
  • ‘Situational leadership’ and the importance of being a flexible leader. 
  •  Tips for being a good leader in stressful times and how this relates to being in the Marines.
  • Craig’s career post-Marines, and how he got into a gunfight which ended him up in prison.
  • Craig’s experience in the prison and, albeit him feeling in danger for his life, how he used it to his advantage.
  • Craig’s experience dealing with trauma from his past during his time in Prison. 
  • Craig’s job in the gym whilst he was in prison, and how he eventually got a job at a charity which enabled him to leave the prison daily.
  • Craig’s institutionalization both in the military and the prison and how he ended up homeless for a while. 
  • How Craig started a personal training program from the back of a rusty van he was staying in, and how he taught himself to market his business and get clients. 
  • How Craig eventually went to counseling, and how his commitment to it really helped it.
  • How Craig met his wife and they started a Bootcamp together. This Bootcamp became TEAM Bootcamp.
  • The principles behind TEAM Bootcamp, and how it’s important not to beat yourself up too much.  Rest is key.
  • How Craig deals with a lot of clients who are suffering from chronic fatigue, and how they deal with these people differently. 
  • Craig’s plans for the future and where people can find him.
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Author: Phil Kelly
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