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Posted by: Phil Kelly
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In today’s episode, Phil speaks to Award-Winning Paralympic Swimmer Alice Tai. They discuss her upbringing and quick rise into competitive swimming, her struggles before Rio 2016, and how she got through them to eventually win Athlete of the Year in 2019. She then speaks about her plans for the future and the other passions she is juggling in her personal life.

Topics Discussed:
  • What Alice’s training has looked like during Lockdown.
  • How clubfoot played a role in Alice taking on swimming as a sport early on.
  • Alice’s lack of desire to race when she was young.
  • How Alice’s career quickly progressed and how her family supported her in her development as a swimmer.
  • Alice’s brief break from the sport after Rio, and what got her back into swimming. 
  • Alice’s current coach and how he helps her keep a good work-life balance. 
  • What Rio was like for Alice, and how her family, support system, and coach helped her get through it.
  • How Alice doesn’t swim for the medals, but for the personal improvement aspect of it.
  • Alice’s experience at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
  • Alice’s accomplishments in 2019.
  • The rise in popularity of the Paralympics over recent years.
  • The importance of focusing on what you can control, which will help you achieve your goals.
  • Missing even small bits of training adds up over time, and can make a huge difference to your performance.
  • Alice’s experience winning Athlete of the Year in 2019.
  • Alice’s experience going to the Laureus Awards in Germany with her Dad. 
  • Alice’s plans to go for another sport as well, namely rowing and triathlon.
  • How Alice manages to balance her sports life with studying for a Neuroscience degree, playing in a band, and maintaining a personal life.
  • Tips on tumble turning and exercises you can use to get better at it.
  • Tips on training for a 1500m race. 
  • Alice’s plans for the future, moving forward into the Tokyo Paralympics.
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Author: Phil Kelly
An award-winning business owner and TED presenter, Phil lives and breaths performance. Having designed and delivered successful training packages across various industries worldwide, he now spends most of his time within business development and consulting. Phil Kelly
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