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21 Jul
CHP 'Rising Stars' Pro noctis
Introducing the ‘Rising Star’ Programme: Empowering Community Health Partnership’s future leaders

Working with Community Health Partnerships (CHP), Pro-Noctis has developed a bespoke leadership development programme aimed at nurturing the next generation of leadership talent within the organisation...

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15 Jul
Pro-Noctis to withdraw from cycling team sponsorship after four successful years

After four remarkable years of partnership and numerous, significant wins and achievements, Pro-Noctis is ending it's sponsorship of Finish Line Racing Team.

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02 Jul
too many meetings
Let’s not meet: The impact of too many meetings.

Did you know, that around 72% of all workplace meetings are considered ineffective? Meetings are, of course, an important part of our professional lives. At their best, they can be essential platforms for collaboration, decision-making, and communication. Yet, too many or poorly managed meetings are among the most prevalent causes of employee burnout and frustration...

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14 May
employee engagement survey
Survey Says: The value of your employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys are a common starting point for companies looking to gauge employee engagement, but simply conducting staff surveys will not yield results. How, when and why you ask for staff feedback - and what you do with that feedback - can be definitive for your organisational health...

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22 Apr
Wheels in Motion: Pro-Noctis joins The British Continental as a partner sponsor

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The British Continental, a platform dedicated to showcasing and elevating British road racing. Together with The British Continental, we'll continue championing British cycling and the growth of the domestic scene. To find out more about our partnership and what it means, read on...

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08 Apr
The middle matters
The Middle Matters: Understanding the vital role of middle management

We repeatedly hear from middle managers who feel underutilised and underappreciated at work. Many have been inadequately trained, offered limited support, and feel as if they lack authority. Yet, they often have to navigate the needs of those above them and below them, answering to both leadership and their teams...

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25 Mar
Coaching Supervision
Coaching Supervision: A must for coaches and mentors

Are you an experienced coach or mentor? Are you undertaking or facilitating supervision? We are delighted to offer an Institute Approved Coach/ Mentor Supervision Training programme that will equip you with the knowledge and the skills you require to practice as a competent and confident coach/mentor supervisor...

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19 Mar
Take a closer look: The ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Are you considering a Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring? Our ILM 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring programme is highly regarded and one of our most popular courses. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about this programme, and we'll explain why it could be the perfect training solution for you! Let's take a closer look...

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20 Feb
Phil Kelly, Managing Director of Pro-Noctis
At the Helm: Introducing Phil Kelly

On March 21, we will be hosting our first-ever High-Performance Seminar! Offering attendees a chance to gain a complete understanding of high performance, the day will also feature talks from VIP experts. The man behind this event is Phil Kelly - Pro-Noctis' Founder and MD. In his own words this event is "an opportunity to bring people share knowledge and stories so that we can all improve our life experience..."

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06 Feb
Phil Jones MBE
Introducing Phil Jones MBE

On March 21, we will be hosting our first-ever High-Performance Seminar! Offering attendees a chance to gain a complete understanding of high performance, the day will also feature talks from VIP experts. We are thrilled to welcome Phil Jones MBE as a keynote speaker. Phil's career journey and experience of shaping high performing teams means he has unrivalled understanding about how you can inspire people to achieve their goals...

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