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Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming Virtual Taster Session

We’re excited to share our award-winning principles and working practices in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In this highly-interactive, 90-minute virtual workshop you will discover the fundamental tools and techniques used in NLP to develop excellence in high business leaders and athletes of all levels…

Who is this Introductory Workshop For?

Whether you want to become a better coach and mentor, or you want to learn the skills you need to reach the next level in your career this workshop is for you. You’ll learn the fundamentals of NLP including advanced communication skills, persuasive language, building rapport and more.

You’ll also create a learning journey that suits your timeframe, budget and NLP aspirations. It’s the perfect introduction before investing in a longer course or residential training programme.

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When elite level performance is the goal, you need to learn from elite level coaches. 

Here at Pro-Noctis, our team has a vast combined experience in coaching some of the world’s top performers. From supporting Olympic and Paralympic athletes to achieve their best at the Tokyo games to coaching Royal Air Force fast jet pilots to make better and faster decisions – we have the experience and knowledge needed to understand your goals and deliver the tools you need to achieve them.

We deliver a range of leadership, coaching and mentoring courses from some of the world’s best-recognised institutions such as the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM). In our flagship Human Performance Practitioner (HPP), we pull the best techniques and tools from all of these courses to offer you the most comprehensive foundation.

What Previous Course Graduates Are Saying

Read some of our 5-star reviews about the award-winning training with Pro-Noctis.

“…Pitched at the perfect level”

I had no previous knowledge of coaching and mentoring. I didn’t know what to expect, found it to be pitched at exactly the right level. I now feel I understand C & M so much more and will continue to work on my skills with Prio-Noctis.

C Williams

“…an out-and-out game changer”

“Working with Pro-Noctis is an out-and-out game changer. They get me, they get people – and having logical and rational conversations with them ensures I am best prepared, not just for race day but every day.”

Ed Clancy OBE

“…training was second to none.”

I recently enrolled on a journey with Pro-Noctis and the training we received from was second to none. Our trainer’s wealth of experience was evident and I’m really excited about continuing my journey and developing my coaching& mentoring.
S Buckley

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I expect from this course?

Primarily you will gain an understanding on how you can develop yourself using NLP techniques and discover whether you wish to pursue the subject further.

What are the pre-course requirements?

There are no academic requirements for this workshop other than a note book and pen, curiosity for developing your coaching & mentoring and a willingness to apply yourself to the practical sessions.

Is there additional training required following this course?

Additional training required after courses of this nature is subjective. However, some may need more of the course work before proceeding to more advanced levels. There’s no right or wrong answer here – it just depends on your circumstances!

How much does the course cost & in what locations?

This session is conducted virtually at this time.

The course price may change depending on location. We regularly deliver courses in London in the future. Download our latest workshop prospectus brochure for the latest dates, deals & locations.

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