What is Human Performance?

What is Human Performance?

We define Human Performance as ‘the ability to perform consistently at our best in the environment within which we are operating at that moment.’ It relates to both individuals and to teams.

There are physical, psychological, emotional, and environmental components to consider when it comes to Human Performance. Each of these elements are not controllable, but they can be enhanced and influenced to support exceptional performance and results.

Understanding and embracing Human Performance means managing all of these factors, along with the team and individual characteristics, to inspire productive behaviour and create a healthy habit of achievement.

A good example of the feat of Human Performance is the 1969 moon landing. The success of the mission was down to the high functioning of the team that had to work together to put two men on the moon. The landing had a number of unexpected and uncontrollable environmental and mechanical issues, but it was the human influence that saw the astronauts take those first historic steps and return safely to earth.

Whether you want to become a better coach and mentor, or you want to learn the skills you need to reach the next level in your career, our Human Performance Practitioner courses are for you.

When Human Performance Practice is applied in a personal sporting or business context, it teaches individuals the techniques and skills they can apply every day to boost their performance. It will also help people to better understand their own psychology,  and find ways to overcome personal barriers to achieve their goals.

Our courses will provide you with the frameworks, skills and confidence you need to drastically improve your leadership abilities, supporting you and others to unseen levels of performance.