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Human Performance Practitioner Course

On this page, you will find key information on what HPP is, what it involves and why you should pick us to help you grow your understanding of better performance.

The HPP course has been built with one goal in mind:

To help ambitious professionals and athletes realise their true potential!Whether on an individual level or as a coach and mentor. The programme has been specifically built to fast track your development through the delivery of the very best human performance techniques and strategies combined into one course and delivered by some of the world’s best coaches.

Who is the Human Performance Practitioner For?

Whether you want to become a better coach and mentor, or you want to learn the skills you need to reach the next level in your career – HPP is for you. It is also for those who want to achieve the certification they need to prove their abilities and earn their way forward in their career or coaching journeys.

For those seeking new knowledge in the coaching space, HPP will provide you with the frameworks, skills and confidence you need to drastically improve your leadership abilities and propel your mentees into new, unseen levels of performance.

When HPP is applied in a personal sporting or business context, it teaches individuals the techniques and skills they can apply every day to boost their performance. It will also help these individuals better understand their own psychology and find ways to overcome personal barriers to achieve their goals.

Ultimately, everything you learn during the HPP course will help you both become better in your own pursuits as well as becoming a better mentor – how you apply it now and in the future is up to you.

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When elite level performance is the goal, you need to learn from elite level coaches. 

Here at Pro-Noctis, our team has a vast combined experience in coaching some of the world’s top performers. From supporting Olympic and Paralympic athletes to achieve their best at the Tokyo games to coaching Royal Air Force fast jet pilots to make better and faster decisions – we have the experience and knowledge needed to understand your goals and deliver the tools you need to achieve them.

We deliver a range of leadership, coaching and mentoring courses from some of the world’s best-recognised institutions such as the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM). During the HPP, we pull the best techniques and tools from all of these courses to offer you a comprehensive foundation.

What Previous Course Graduates Are Saying

Read some of our 5-star reviews about the award-winning HPP course with Pro-Noctis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I expect from this course?

There are a lot of benefits to this course. The biggest could be the inspiration for your own life and work. Then there’s the knowledge acquired – how to be more effectively empowered; personal empowerment; goals; vision; turning insight leading aspirational goals into outcomes (i.e., sales, projects) or dealing with crises. All this will help tremendously to produce greater success in any endeavour, big or small!.

What are the pre-course requirements?

A primary purpose of any human performance practitioner is to coach, mentor and optimise the human being.

Being able to channel your life experiences to help others is helpful, but really the only requisite is a keen interest in coaching. Another requirement for this course would be that you maintain an active interest in lifelong learning as evidenced through ambitious independent study.

Is there additional training required following this course?

Additional training required after courses of this nature is subjective. However, some may need more of the course work before proceeding to more advanced levels. There’s no right or wrong answer here – it just depends on your circumstances!

How much does the course cost & in what locations?

The course price may change depending on location and your choice of payment plan. We currently deliver courses in London, Midlands and the North of England. Download our latest course prospectus brochure for the latest dates, deals & locations.

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