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Whilst our specialisation is designing bespoke training packages, our industry-specific training courses are designed to ensure they are specific and relevant to your needs. Our flagship Behavioural Safety Awareness (BSA) course enables a solid foundation to be created by bringing to the surface the key elements of Human Performance.

Following on from the BSA we are able to take your organisation on a journey where we can assist you to avoid, trap and mitigate any Human Performance issues in order for your company to continually progress. This can either be through our strategically designed programme of training or through a bespoke package of interventions that can be planned following an in-house training needs analysis.


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Examples of some of our courses

Awareness of Behaviours and Cultures (ABC)

Course ID: HP001

Title: Awareness of Behaviours and Cultures (ABC)


This industry-leading course has been designed in collaboration with some of the leading lights across multiple industries. From military fast jet and multi-engined pilots to vastly experienced CAAI Pilots, oil and gas health and safety specialists to senior medical professionals. This groundbreaking course has been designed to address the cross cultural environments now found through out the professional working environment and the subsequent behaviours displayed. We have deliberately designed a framework for the course that can be tailored to any industry in order to highlight the specific areas for development, with room for input from the client and it’s organisation. Like all of our courses this can be delivered bespoke, or part of a structured long-term strategy of development.

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HP101 Behavioural Safety Awareness (BSA)

Course ID: HP101

Title: Behavioural Safety Awareness (BSA)

Our flagship introductory course that is fully accredited to the CPD The Standards Office and is suitable for all employee and contractors within any industry. Some of the topics covered are situational awareness, rule and procedural violations, safety culture, communication breakdown and safety critical confusion. Like all of our courses this can be delivered bespoke, or part of a structured long-term strategy of development.

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HP202 Awareness

Course ID: HP202

Title: Awareness

We believe that everything starts with self-awareness. When workers, managers and executives become more self-aware they become more flexible in ways to manage themselves and others. Understanding that everyone in the world is an individual and how you ‘see’ the world is not the way others might ‘see’ it. When self-awareness is developed within an organisation there is secondary gain in other areas such as situational awareness, emotional intelligence and behavioural flexibility.

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HP301 Team Development

Course ID: HP301

Title: Team Development

We believe that team development should contain specific goals that can be reached through enjoyment. Having a clear but flexible goal for each training intervention allows for a structured long-term strategy that incorporates a multitude of techniques and approaches that enhances the learning exponentially. The way we approach this is with group-based problem solving activities that can be very challenging yet entirely achievable. These sessions are then reviewed in detail by our expert facilitators who are able to link any key learning points back to the work environment to create a clear and positive future.

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HP302 Coaching

Course ID: HP302

Title: Coaching

We believe that coaching is one of the most underutilised skills in the workplace. We have taken the proven techniques and principles used by elite coaches over the last century and created a road map of how to utilise coaching in everyday life. Coaching is not limited to Olympians and professional sports stars, the fundamentals can assist in making a highly effective working environment through open dialogue and development.

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HP404 Mentoring

Course ID: HP404

Title: Mentoring

Mentoring is a highly effective tool in developing an extremely productive workplace. We can provide your highly productive personnel with skills that will allow them to tactfully share their procedures and methods with other staff so best practice is shared in-house. The ability to give and receive this information is critical and our training package covers this in great depth.

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HP505 Management

Course ID: HP505

Title: Management

Management is a skill that is developed over time and with experience and high quality training. This can be accelerated with our HF 505 training intervention. We assist managers by providing skill sets that allow them to engage on a personal level with the staff and discover how each one is motivated differently and have different requirements from a manager. With this, subtle changes in the approach to areas such as the type and level of communication, supervision and delegation will help your staff accelerate their level of performance.

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HP607 Leadership

Course ID: HP607

Title: Leadership

Never before has effective leadership been so vital in the fluid forward thinking businesses of today. Leadership requires inspiration, determination, energy, synergy, vision, empathy and resolve but above all it needs the leader to effectively project and communicate these qualities. We take a Human Performance approach to leadership where we coach the behaviour and study the effects the leader has on those around. Examining the culture of the organisation and the collective reality of what that cultural statement means to each employee while exploring how the leaders communicate this vital message.

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HP606 Executive Coaching

Course ID: HP606

Title: Executive Coaching

We believe that all members of an organisation can benefit from coaching and the senior managers are no different. Our one-to-one executive coaching sessions have been highly successful amongst multi-million pound organisations, the MOD, Police and professional sports stars. This tactful approach to coaching can be discreet and personalised and allows executives to see other options are available, whilst fully applying themselves to their company’s goals.

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ABNLP Practitioner of NLP & Hypnosis


Title: NLP Practitioner


This is our award winning NLP Practitioner course which has changed the lives or mindset of hundreds of our graduates. Set in our multi award winning Academy at Lilleshall Abbey this course is intensive, immersive and mind blowing. During the week you will have 24 hour access to Phil Quirk who is now regarded as the rising star in Human Performance & NLP in the UK having worked with Olympic & Pro Athletes, Polar Explorers, Leaders of Business and Fast Jet Pilots. On this course Phil will not only teach you the full ABNLP syllabus, but also exclusively reveal to you his personal secrets used to help world & olympic champions achieve their goals. The days are long and Phil will flood you with his knowledge & expertise, this is not a 9 to 5 course!!

On the course you will learn:

  • How strategies work and how to improve them…..
  • Anchoring states to trigger at will…
  • The secrets of Hypnosis & the power of the unconscious mind…
  • How to eradicate a phobia with 100% success in less than 10 minutes…
  • How to integrate conflicted parts of the mind to achieve goals…
  • Submodalities & the coding of the mind & subjective experience…
  • The power of language models & how to positively influence people…
  • How the mind processes information and creates your reality…
  • The power of metaphors….
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ABNLP Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis & TLT


Title: NLP Master Practitioner


The very top of the NLP student pathway. The course that changed the lives of both Pro-Noctis creators Phil Quirk & Phil Kelly and led them to build their award winning business.

The Practitioner course introduces some of the mind blowing techniques in NLP, the Master Practitioner takes you to the next level of understanding while introducing many new skills and techniques. This course is held both at our award winning Pro-Noctis Academy and also Internationally at various locations around the world. Students that graduate from this course typically go on to set up their own companies / businesses or

drastically improve their performance levels within their current profession.

During the training we explore:

  • Sleight of mouth patterns to influence & reframe in language
  • Understanding Gravesian Values Levels (Spiral Dynamics)
  • Time Line Therapy
  • How to elicit prime concerns in language
  • Hierarchy of values and how to change values
  • Advanced modelling techniques
  • Advanced & rapid hypnosis techniques
  • How to completely eradicate limiting beliefs & decisions
  • Breakthrough coaching session
  • Ideomotor signals
  • Unconscious increase / decrease of metabolic rate

The final part of the course is an intensive Breakthrough coaching session where you will put into practice all the skills you have learned from the Practitioner course & Master Practitioner Course. This is one of the highest demanded & critically acclaimed Master Practitioner courses in the world led by potentially the most exciting NLP Master Coach in the UK today.

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Human Performance Practitioner

Course ID: HPP

Title: Human Performance Practitioner



This course is only available with Pro-Noctis, it is our own designed award winning course!!!

We have designed this course specifically for coaches who are serious about techniques which dramatically improve Human Performance.The 5 day course is bursting with the skills our Human Performance Coaches use with our worldwide clients. The course has received critical acclaim and although relatively new is fast becoming the blue ribbon course in the industry. During the 5 days you will learn:

  • How to use NLP techniques with your clients to multiply their performance.
  • Transactional Analysis
  • How to understand the psychology of drama and how to coach clients out of the drama triangle
  • Developing a winning mindset
  • The GROW Model in coaching
  • TTPP and its application
  • The Performance Equation & how to coach towards it
  • The Phil Quirk Methodology (PQM) Coaching
  • How to coach your client past their limiting beliefs

This course is suitable to experienced coaches or complete novices. The content throughout the week is the most cutting edge content from our award winning Pro-Noctis Performance Academy.

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ABNLP Diploma In NLP


Title: Diploma in NLP



This course is for people who know very little and are curious about learning more about NLP, and perhaps more about the Pro-Noctis Academy. This is a 1 day course set at our multi award winning Pro-Noctis Academy, Lilleshall Abbey. You need no prior experience before attending the course and will leave with an ABNLP Diploma in NLP.

We also use this setting for Continued Professional Development of our current Practitioners & Master Practitioners. This allows new students to discuss the NLP journey of those who have already completed either the Practitioner or Master Practitioner course. Courses are typically on the Sunday prior to eith the Practitioner course or Master Practitioner course commencing.

During the day you will explore:

  • The history & development of NLP
  • The common uses of NLP
  • How to create rapport through language and matching & mirroring
  • Sensory Acuity and it’s application & importance
  • Modeling
  • The NLP Communication Model

An introduction to Hypnosis and it’s benefits

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Unshakable Mindset For Golf

Course ID: USM

Title: Unshakable Mindset for Golf



If you’re a golfer then you will know already that it is a game played in the head. If you know this then you will certainly know the importance of having an Unshakable mindset. Whether you are a top pro playing for a major or a club golfer playing your local course the greatest improvements are made between the ears.

On this course we will show you the skills we teach Olympic & Pro athletes to overcome the inner game and reach maximum potential. The course is crammed with performance coaching, mentoring & education, provided by our Pro-Noctis Academy Coaches. You will have unrivalled access to the very best coaches in the world who will work 1-1 at times during the course. Led by the head of our Academy Phil Quirk, this course promises to deliver on all levels. We have coached Polar Explorers, Jet Pilots, FTSE 100 CEO’s and Olympic & Pro Athletes – we will endeavour to impart as much as possible to create your Unshakable Mindset!!

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About CPD

Pro-Noctis intends, where needed, to line up with requirements for continuous development so we accredit our courses for CPD points. We are a CPD-approved body and drive a programme of accreditation.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is commonly defined as: “Intentionally developing the knowledge, skills and personal knowledge needed to perform professional responsibilities.”

Professional institutes, CPD schemes and their requirements vary on a spectrum of mandatory to obligatory to voluntary. Typically, if the institute is operating within an industry where a regulator is present, the regulator will expect the institutes within that industry to enforce mandatory CPD requirements to their individual members.

Regulated industries include healthcare, social work, accountancy, legal and financial services, hence in a regulated industry individual professionals who do not keep up to date with their CPD can lose their license to practice.

The CPD Standards Office logo

Bespoke Training Programmes

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to training and one of our main drivers is to provide what the client needs. If you would like to discuss your training options or for Pro-Noctis to conduct an onsite training needs analysis then please contact us now

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