Team Dynamics: What makes a good team?

The foundation of all great teams is a common purpose, a shared vision, and an explicit goal that energises and orients each team member.

Through our experience in team development, in which we have supported organisations and teams to perform to the best of their abilities collectively and individually, we have noticed a few core strands in achieving positive team dynamics.

Everyone needs to want to achieve the goal.

At the heart of a team, dynamics is the need to care. Each team member must care about achieving the goal; the goal must be important to them, whether for recognition, pay, or a sense of accomplishment. The reason doesn’t matter; it just must matter to them.

The goal must be clearly communicated; teams cannot be excited if they don’t know what they’re working towards. 

Communication is one of the biggest challenges across most organisations and teams. We must effectively communicate day in and day out across an organisation to convey our goals, and we must be mindful of individual communication preferences.

Effective communication is measured by the results we get. If we are not getting the results we want from individuals, maybe we need to try a different communication style. We all learn to digest information differently.

Trust is crucial in creating a positive team dynamic.

Teams need to recognise each member’s value in helping them collectively succeed. A team needs to work together, and team members must trust one another. Ultimately each member is accountable for a team’s progress.

Individual awareness fuels team performance

We are not all the same, nor should we be. You could have a team with the brightest people, but you risk group thinking and you won’t get the variety, diversity or creativity you need.

The best high-performing teams have a balance of skills; not everyone needs to be technical, analytical, creative, or even social, but a good team has a mix of personalities. It is an appreciation of other characters and personal values that fuels performance.

The recent performance of our sponsored cycling team in the Tour Series summarises this article perfectly.

As title sponsor, we were honoured to join their training camp in Calpe earlier this year, where we delivered a workshop on team dynamics, helping the team understand each other’s personalities, personal values, and strengths.

Being equipped with this awareness has helped the team become the solid, unified, and highly cohesive team we see today. There is no ‘I’ in this team, and it is fantastic to see how much each rider wants to race for one another and achieve their team goal.

But what is their goal?

Well, this season, one of the team goals was to win the Tour Series to improve upon their second-place overall team standings of 2021 and show the world their first season was no fluke.

As the new team on the block, the team outperformed expectations in year one, and many pundits predicted a second season dip… but rather, what happened was a masterclass in teamwork-Tour Series Champions 2022.

When you listen to National Champion Jo Tindley speak about what makes a team, Jo always credits the team, proclaiming that “the girls gave everything I could not ask for anymore.” This is a team with trust at its core.

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