13 Jan
blue monday
It’s the most miserable day of the year.

Yes, that’s right, today is the day when being a misery guts is common practice, but what is it about the third Monday in January that makes us feel so blue, and how can we install some much-needed positivity on this cold January day. Maybe it’s the wintery weather, perhaps it’s the Christmas debt, or...

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02 Mar
Meet the Trainer: Sally Strazzanti

Over the last 16 years, I have trained hundreds of people at different levels on coaching and mentoring programs, from introduction to coaching programs through to level 7 Masters module programmes. Before working in leadership development and coaching and mentoring, I worked in the health service in human resource management and organisational development. I have...

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01 May
Company expands into eight story factory-building

In St. Louis, Emerson displays its product line in the dazzling Palace of Electricity as the nationwide demand for electricity continues to soar.

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13 May
Are ilm qualifications right for my workplace
Is ILM Coaching right for my workplace?

In an earlier blog, we discussed whether ILM qualifications are recognised, and indeed they are, and with the ILM reporting 70,000 people completed an ILM course last year, you could say ILM training is highly desirable. However, before we go further, for those that have slept since our last article😉, it’s probably best to recap...

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09 Feb
Are we talking or simply connecting Image
Are we talking or simply connecting?

We are more connected than ever, but the reality is we rarely speak to one another. With the variety of channels now at our disposal, it’s easy to lose track of what we have said to who, when and on what platform; if it’s not email, it’s text, messenger, or even WhatsApp. You’ve then got...

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07 Jul
Resilience in a remote world… how we can all learn lessons from Gareth Southgate!
Resilience in a remote world… how we can all learn lessons from Gareth Southgate!

Like every team, the England football team has good days and it has bad days, last weekend was a very good day, and we are hoping for another good day today. 🤞 The defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016, was not such a good day! 🤦 However; we can recover from setbacks, it is our...

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12 Jan

Pro-Noctis Human Performance has agreed to be a headline sponsor of Finishline Racing, an emerging UK based women’s cycling team. Pro-Noctis are well-known supporters of the UK cycling scene having previously worked with JLT Condor and more recently Chez Pridham’s Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother team.  Both organisations recognise the great synergy between their values and...

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08 Mar

Episode 8 – Cherie Pridham – Cycling Legend Phil is joined by Israel Start-Up Nation’s new Sports Director Cherie Pridham! They talk about Cherie’s working history, how Covid put the final nail in the coffin for Vitus Pro Cycling team and how she was quickly appointed to her new position. Lisa goes on to talk...

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16 Nov
Jo Tindley joins team Pro-Noctis off the bike as well as on!

Jo Tindley, perhaps best known as part of the elite women’s cycling team Pro-Noctis- Red Chilli Bikes-Heidi Kjeldsen has become the latest recruit for team Pro-Noctis as she joins the human performance specialist company as Brand Ambassador and Performance Consultant. Jo is one of the most experienced riders in the British Peloton and was recently crowned British...

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29 Jun

Thursday 27th June saw the team at Pro-Noctis take home a prestigious Culture award at The Lotus Awards ceremony, which took place at the infamous The Scotch of St James nightclub in Masons Yard, London. The award recognised the team’s partnership with Canada Life, a working relationship born from a market testing process. Pro-Noctis were...

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