Meet the Trainer- Nathan Abbott

I have been involved in some sort of training since 1992 when I first joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a Physical Training Instructor.

Whilst in the RAF for 25 years, I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in the outdoor environment and it is in this environment lots fell into place for me. When I look back I can see that I have always enjoyed working with people and now I am doing it in an entirely different way.

There are always the technical skills required to take people into the outdoors and I have and always will enjoy working in this space; however, the opportunity to see people develop in a sometimes-pressurised environment is where training came to life for me.

In the RAF, I discovered that performing at your best in the outdoors needs all the attributes you would expect to see from someone performing at their best in pretty much any domain.

Since leaving the RAF, I have worked for Pro-Noctis as an ILM L7 Coach and NLP Trainer, transferring the knowledge from my previous career into what works in business; and I am currently really enjoying supporting the Pro-Noctis team with 2 Commonwealth Games leadership programmes.

I have also previously worked in Sports such as British Canoeing and British Sailing as a coach developer/educator and a Leadership Advisor with UK Sport.

I love the variety that working in different organisations brings. I love meeting other groups of people in different contexts with various problems and then helping them in different ways to maximise their performance.

Not that people aren’t performing, of course – but instead, we present some different thinking that supports and enhance increased performance.

I think Pro-Noctis has an excellent delivery methodology –we like to keep sessions short with content and help people make sense of the content in their context – it makes for fun sessions. It is always great to break down barriers through humour; this is always a good way of getting people to engage in their development.

Understanding your mindset is also a great way to unlocking your potential and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an excellent method for achieving this. I firmly believe that we all have the power in ourselves; it takes some self-reflection and an understanding of creative thought patterns that allow us all to achieve our desired change.

NLP Practitioner training is a great programme to supplement ILM qualifications, providing the tools and techniques to effectively set goals, manage relationships and even deal with difficult conversations. In simple terms NLP is all about patterns and using these language patterns to help create change for people.

I delivered an introduction to NLP with a group a couple of weeks ago, and a lady reported feeling anxiety when presenting, so we ran a couple of patterns with her, and a few days ago, she contacted me to say:

“The course was great, thank you! I had to do a presentation last week, and believe it or not, I felt calmer, and it went well; I felt as if I had done an okay job!”

 For me the fundamentals of NLP are about equipping people with advanced communications skills, and the techniques that build confidence, and guide them on their learning journey.

One of the best elements of Pro-Noctis training is the bespoke approach; we pride ourselves on our small groups, which allows for a more personal light-touch, which enables people to get more out of it. As a trainer, you can spend more time with people, and there’s a significant emphasis placed on having a go and putting the techniques learned to use in practice.