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At the Helm: Introducing Phil Kelly

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Phil Kelly, Managing Director of Pro-Noctis

As the award-winning Founder and Managing Director of Pro-Noctis, Phil Kelly lives and breathes performance.

In fact, The High-Performance Seminar was Phil’s brainchild. After a decade of designing and delivering performance training worldwide, working with elite athletes, businesses, organisations and teams, Phil has a lot of knowledge to share. He also champions the power that sharing knowledge and collaboration can have. Open information exchange and skill-sharing are a crucial tool for elevating performance, and for building a culture of success.

It’s this collaborative attitude, open approach and growth mindset that sits at the heart of the business. As Pro-Noctis enters its second decade of operation, hosting The High-Performance Seminar is just one such example of this:

“We (Pro-Noctis) want to build a community of support for people out there,” explains Phil, “Life is tough out there right now. This event is an opportunity to bring people together. It’s not a sales pitch like some events can be, it’s simply people coming together, to share knowledge and stories so that we can all improve our life experience.”

So, with that in mind, we asked Phil to share some of his key personal and professional high-performance insights…


Hi Phil! Can you tell us: what does high performance mean for you?

For me, High Performance is the endless quest for self-mastery. Managing your emotions, your performance, your attitude, and your outcome is everything. It is also taking radical responsibility for your outcomes and positively influencing the process.

Having worked with many high-performing individuals (and teams) over the years, what characteristics do you believe to be commonly exemplified by high performers?

Sheer commitment to their goal. They always find a way to move forward, even after huge setbacks. Life isn’t a straight line so accepting the rollercoaster of life and finding a way to overcome obstacles is a big skill. Take the learning and move on.

When we caught up with Ed Clancy OBE, who is a guest speaker at the High-Performance Seminar, he said he didn’t believe in innate talent but rather a willingness to work hard as a defining factor for performance. Do you believe that everyone can be a high performer?

I think everyone can demonstrate high-performing skills and principles, if you can map to a realistic goal and get moving towards it, then you are a high performer. We won’t all be the next Elon Musk or Lionel Messi, but we can focus on continually growing, learning, and moving forward. That is high performance in action.

What do you believe to be the most common barriers to performance?

Commitment and confidence. Confidence can be dented when life throws a challenge our way and that in turn affects our commitment. Negative self-talk ensues, and it is a downward spiral, that leads to limiting beliefs that will need unpacking and processing. Also, the fear of failure, we need to fail to learn how to do something, but our ego gets in the way. 

We won’t all be the next Elon Musk or Lionel Messi, but we can focus on continually growing, learning, and moving forward. That is high performance in action.

Phil Jones MBE – another High-Performance Seminar guest speaker – credited his coaches with helping him find perspective. Do you have any experience of being coached? If so, could you describe your experience?

Yeah, and the truthful answer is it was varied. I love being in the performance space, learning from other coaches and developing new skills. It’s also useful to store any negative experiences as ways of not doing things. To be honest, I have found that almost as helpful as the positive skills!

What do you believe to be the biggest value of coaching?

You can change someone’s life by helping them to unpack what’s going on; by helping them to create a plan and to go on and execute it. Coaching for me is always about the person being coached – it’s about their mindset, their behaviour, and their performance. Of course, I get great personal satisfaction from assisting people to perform better, so it’s not all altruistic. I love adding value to my clients and supporting them. Being a coach sits so well with my values.

Thanks, Phil! 


Whether you want to improve your performance or the performance of those around you, the High-Performance Seminar promises to provide an in-depth look at how you can inspire and support people to achieve their goals.

Held at the prestigious Lilleshall National Sports Centre, you can expect to spend a day fully immersed in engaging workshops, and supervised sessions, all whilst gaining invaluable insights from leading coaching experts. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your skills. Learn from VIP guest speakers, each of whom is the epitome of high performance. Join us and unlock your potential!

Tickets are limited. The cost includes refreshments and lunch.  To find out more, or speak to someone about your booking, contact us here.

Author: Phil Kelly
An award-winning business owner and TED presenter, Phil lives and breaths performance. Having designed and delivered successful training packages across various industries worldwide, he now spends most of his time within business development and consulting. Phil Kelly