How to utilise NLP in Coaching and Instructing

How to utilise NLP in Coaching and Instructing

Our belief is that we can model successful people, companies and theories and so we have designed unique training interventions to utilise our findings and share these with organisations. Our recent visit to RAF Leuchars to deliver a bespoke package in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), was designed so that each individual could walk away after the two day sessions with something tangible, something they could immediately utilise in their day to day life. All 24 delegates came from different backgrounds and had differing requirements from the course, so through prior consultation and a dynamic approach to the delivery we were able to meet this demand.

One of the issues highlighted came from the physiotherapy department who were becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of commitment by their clients to prescribed training and rehabilitation programmes. Through the principles of NLP coaching and drawing on our vast experience in coaching in many different fields, we were able to provide the delegate with other options on how they can approach this situation, and in doing so released new found enthusiasm to their work. One delegate even implemented some of the techniques after just the first day and in the most unusual of circumstances. The delegate was a manager of highly popular local choir but mentioned that they struggled to keep them motivated and so timings and commitment were becoming an issue. The new found skills of reframing the situation and positively communicating with one and all, ensured that on the second morning of training the delegate arrived with a smile that beamed from ear to ear.

The military instructors, who were the majority of delegates, were astounded to see the different options available to a coach and  instructor whilst standing in front of a group. Following some deep discussions as to the main drivers and values behind training deliverers, they were able to break down their own personal barriers and let their imagination be ignited so that the future could be bright for all.

We also discussed the use of this NLP approach in the management and leadership situations required within this military environment. The Commanding Officers were able to cross these skills over to their daily role of managing hundreds of personal and were able to make sense of their personal approach to their own management stye. Further options were explored and discussed in a relaxed and approachable learning environment and the utilisation of reflective practice was encouraged.

The course itself was a great success, the prior planning, course design, open style of delivery and the positive course feedback has ensured that we have all taken something away from this learning experience. Our training is congruent with our Human Factors approach to training and we strive to ensure the very best in all we do. If you would like to experience our positive approach to your training requirements then contact us now.

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