What is Human Performance?

Human Performance refers to environmental, organisational and job factors, and human and individual characteristics, which influence behaviour at work.

Why is Human Performance relevant to my job?

HF is estimated to account for nearly 80% of all work-related accidents and a nearly immeasurable amount of near misses. Human Performance awareness training can drastically reduce these statistics.

Is Human Performance part of health and safety?

The short answer is yes, in so much as it directly contributes to the health and safety of all workers. More than this though health and safety focuses on laws, guidelines, rules and procedures, whereas HF focuses on the human behaviour.

What does the HSE say about Human Performance?

Managing Human Performance is essential to prevent major accidents, occupational accidents and ill health, all of which can cost business money, reputation and potentially their continued existence. If you think safety’s expensive, try having an accident…

Do you offer bespoke training?

Yes we do, our training can be tailored specifically to meet the aims of clients from any industry.

Who can benefit from coaching?

We believe that coaching is one of the most under utilised skills in the workplace. We have taken the proven techniques and principles used by elite coaches over the last century and created a road map of how to utilise coaching in everyday life. Coaching is not limited to Olympians and professional sports stars, the fundamentals can assist in making a highly effective working environment through open dialogue and development.

What is our approach to team development?

We believe that team development should contain specific goals that can be reached through enjoyment. Having a clear but flexible goal for each training intervention allows for a structured long-term strategy that incorporates a multitude of techniques and approaches that enhances the learning exponentially. The way we approach this is with group-based problem-solving activities that can be very challenging, yet entirely achievable. These sessions are then reviewed in detail by our expert facilitators who are able to link any key learning points back to the work environment to create a clear and positive future.

What other services do you offer?

We offer consultancy, continuing professional development, training needs analysis, executive coaching and Train the Trainer packages.


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