Embracing The Future Of Human Factors Training

Embracing The Future Of Human Factors Training

There has long been a paradox in Human Factors (HF) and Crew Resource Management (CRM) training interventions- how do you recreate the ‘live’ scenarios you’re trying to teach? Replicating specific conditions associated with Human Factors is very challenging for a trainer, furthermore replicating the emotions nearly impossible. For a long time we (HBP-Training) have believed that a HF approach to training can reach farther than the prevention of accidents, it can be used as the primary vehicle for team development, leadership & management training, stress awareness training and employee engagement. When examined, the different elements that comprise the full spectrum of HF are all closely linked and very much influenced and coerced by human behaviour and emotion. After all it is the liveware interface with it’s surrounding components that is the fundamental basis of understanding how accidents, incidents and near misses arise and more importantly to our organisation, how they don’t.

With this in mind, any technology which enhances and improves the delivery of training should be embedded within the fabric of HF & CRM delivery. For some time now aviation has used hi-tech simulators to accelerate pilot performance and development, other industries are following such as Oil & gas with Maersk Training amongst others (above). There is, however, a disconnect in this technology, a void in which HF & CRM have so far found themselves entrapped. There are two reasons the current technology does not lend itself to HF delivery. The first is the nature of the technology is specific to individual roles although I acknowledge it can be adapted if needed. This makes it a fantastic tool for a very specific demographic, i.e. pilots in aviation. The second problem lies in the transferability of such technologies. These fixed immersive units, although magnificent and expensive in equal measures, do not lend itself to the ubiquitous nature of HF & CRM training. Perhaps the Human Factors solution with immersive training technology lies in the middle ground?

We believe that accessibility and mobility are the key components to really accelerate the capability of immersive training in HF delivery – whether in aviation, oil & gas, healthcare or even the financial sector.

Such technology exists in the form of MDT Global Solutions Immersive Simulator which is a fully portable projector enabling set up in any classroom environment with three available walls. This capability adds a further dimension to the delivery of such training interventions, it enables ‘live’ moment-to-moment decisions and generates the opportunity and also perspective for delegates to watch incidents unfold – and most importantly offers an influence on different outcomes. There is another benefit of this technology, it can be used to record the fixed and expensive immersive assist to then transport and project to a wider demographic. We now have the ability to discuss certain areas of Human Factors or even specific case studies, then bring the scenario alive with this technology.

This now takes us to the next generation of Human Factors and Crew Resource Management delivery…

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