Our passion is performance, and our quest to improve it is

Pro-Noctis Coaching Consultants are world leading Performance Coaches who work with a diverse client base. We infuse cutting edge sports psychology strategies with our unique, easy to adopt, highly specific coaching philosophy and work closely to enhance our client’s mental capability. We focus on supporting and developing our clients to maximise performance.

From elite athletes to global business leaders, what would the following mean to you specifically?

• Regain and enhance your confidence
• Clearer and concise decision making when it matters most
• The ability to absorb and recruit external pressures to react positively to stresses when it matters most
• The ability to conserve, channel and utilise energy to revamp cognitive ability
• Decode your current behaviour to identify & maximise the best and eradicate the worst of your current habits and thought processes And finally….
• Re-programme your limiting beliefs about you, your performance or that of your competitors

Experience repeatedly proves that the most effective approach to enhancing Human Performance is an individually holistic and complementary approach for each client.

Pro-Noctis Coaching Development

Through years of working with fast jet pilots in the Royal Air Force we learned that Human Performance is always the ‘difference that makes the difference’. From our inception, we have been coaching individuals, teams & organisations to maximise their Human Performance capability. From world-leading banks to Polar Explorers, Olympic Champions to Fast Jet Pilots we help our clients achieve excellence in performance when it counts.

Coaching Foundations

Our quest to achieve excellence means we do not restrict ourselves to a single body of knowledge or methodology. We continually seek to better understand the human mind to better its power and fulfil its potential. Guided by industry Psychologists and delivered by our specialist team of Performance Coaches our mental skills programmes are evidence based, individually prepared and have a proven track record.

Bodies of knowledge & methodologies utilised include:

• Positive Psychology
• Transactional Analysis
• Neuro Linguistic Programming
• Sports Psychology
• Spiral Dynamics
• Hypnosis & Guided Visualisation

Is the Pro-Noctis 4 Stage Framework right for you?

Whether your goal is Olympic glory or maximising shareholder return, human performance is at the heart of your success. To reach your true capability we incorporate the 4 stage Pro-Noctis Framework.

1. Consult to learn…

• We spend time in consultation to learn all we can about our clients so we can best meet their individual needs. During this consultation, we can explore their personality, learning styles, personal nuances, deep rooted values and beliefs before developing specific methodologies & strategies to best build a programme specific to each client.

2. Build & Design to bespoke…

• Our coaching & training is tailored and bespoke so the programme compliments the client to help them achieve success. No two people are alike and each individual needs different approaches and often the smallest change can have the largest performance gains.

3. Coach to develop…

• Client wellbeing is priority during our coaching. Our mandate is to place our clients with the most positive mental wellbeing with robust mental resilience to cope with any situation, even when the unpredictable happens. The mind should be viewed as a muscle which requires the same attention and level of conditioning as any other muscle vital to achieving success.

4. Educate to sustain…

• Education and explanation plays a pivotal role in our coaching philosophy. We believe that our clients should embrace the knowledge quest which comes with self-awareness & self-development.

Our unwavering mission is to enhance, develop and leverage your Human Performance through our proven 4 stage process.


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