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Culture Check: Why you need a company culture audit

Posted by: Phil Kelly
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“Organisational Culture is the “water” in the fishbowl. If the water is clean, nourishing, energising the fish will thrive and if the water is toxic the fish will die leaving the infrastructure value-less.” – Ranjan De Silva, Sensei International

The culture of an organisation is something that can’t always be seen but can always be felt. It’s an almost intangible force that shapes the behaviour of employees, influences decisions, and ultimately defines the identity of a company. While many companies strive to create a positive culture, the reality is that it is complex and multifaceted, and it can be difficult to define or measure. This is where company culture audits come in handy.

What is a culture audit?

Our culture audits are a comprehensive examination of the numerous factors that contribute to the overall experience of an employee within an organisation. What conducting an audit looks like is dependent on the unique make-up of an organisation, but it involves evaluating everything from communication norms and leadership styles to diversity and inclusion practices, employee engagement, and more.

Our audits provide a systematic analysis of the values, beliefs, behaviours, and practices that define an organisation. The overall aim is to help to identify areas that need improvement and highlight the strengths of the current culture.

To work with your culture effectively, you must understand it

An audit is a key part of how we help you to understand your workplace. It is designed to recognise which traits are definitive, and which behaviours are likely to be a help or a hindrance. Often it is of immense benefit to have ‘outside eyes’ to objectively view a company’s culture at work. We can gain unbiased, honest insights and then offer strategic approaches and implementations.

Cultivating culture is your responsibility

It is a common misconception that only large organisations need a culture audit, but poor workplace culture can affect organisations of any size. A toxic culture that goes unaddressed can lead to employee frustration and demoralisation. Therefore, every employer should be aware of their cultural weaknesses and reputational vulnerabilities and have an improvement plan where necessary.

In our years as performance consultants, having worked with hundreds of businesses, we have yet to encounter a culture that is entirely good or entirely bad. Most companies have established or stated values and behaviours that have helped get them to a certain level of success and functionality.

What lots of organisations misunderstand, however, is the need for culture to evolve. The extent of this evolution will vary from company to company, but as a rule, culture should adapt with its growth, embracing the changes that naturally occur with expansion. Often when we meet with businesses that are struggling internally, resistance to change is one of the underlying concerns.

It is important to understand that deeply ingrained cultures are not easily replaced, even with major overhaul efforts. One of the challenges of working with culture is that it can be a gradual process. But, focusing on building a strong culture and committing to the required, continuous effort, investment, and improvement will ultimately lead to growth and success in the long run.

A strong and healthy culture

Culture audits are an effective way for leaders to make informed decisions, drive employee engagement, and align culture with strategic goals. These audits also show a commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement, which ultimately fosters a culture that values, respects, and empowers employees to succeed. A strong and healthy culture not only boosts employee morale but also drives growth. In today’s competitive business environment, investing in culture audits is not just a strategic choice, but also a catalyst for long-term organisational success.


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Author: Phil Kelly
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