Using our in-depth knowledge and experience of Human Performance we deliver training interventions that are engaging and rewarding, and can be tailored to focus on specific elements of Human Performance such as:

• Cultural/Behavioural Alignment
• Safety and Compliance behaviour
• Effective Communications and Decision Making
• Team Ethos and Development
• Leadership and Management
• Relationship/Self Awareness
• Coaching and Mentoring

Our highly qualified and experienced trainers are continually driving to be second to none and deliver packages that ensure the clients’ needs are at the forefront of every session.

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Key Performance Indicators are often viewed from a lagging perspective using hindsight. Pro-Noctis can offer your business easy to integrate management systems and processes that can indicate, from leading KPIs, potential Human Performance issues – foresight focused prevention. Combined with our other services such as employee training, consultancy and effective auditing we offer a completely holistic, people centric solution at all your Human Performance needs.

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Managers need to fully appreciate that Human Performance and Operational Excellence are truly being embedded within the culture of the company.

Embedding new concepts into the day-to-day culture of a workforce can be challenging. With a fully integrated auditing capability working closely with your Operations and HR department, management can monitor the practical implementation of competence and currency of their workforce. Using the results of audits allows confirmation your programme is working. Audits also allow further refinement of existing Human Performance interventions or the development of new programmes to drive further improvements.

This leads to foresight-orientated approach to the Human Performance development of employees, which in and of itself adds value to the overall Operational Excellence of the company and its workforce.

Contact us now for a free initial consultancy and discuss ways to improve your company’s operational excellence

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