07 Sep
It’s not how you fall, but how you get back up

As we emerge from a summer of sporting success, we naturally look back at the winners, those that made us smile, those that amazed us, and those whose love of knitting kept a nation amused for 17 days of summer.  TeamGB’s performance in Tokyo has been hailed as the greatest achievement in British Olympic history,...

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12 Aug
Why sponsor a women’s cycling team?

Did you know the UK is the only country whose attendance at sports events is greater than its population? Fact. In 2019 UK sport was enjoyed live by 75.1M people… wow! So in a year of lockdown, and invisible competition, why have we chosen to sponsor a new elite women’s cycling team?  Well, it’s simple,...

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19 Jul
Who do you Trust?Building Trust in a remote working environment
Who do you Trust? …Building Trust in a remote working environment

[FREE RESOURCE] FREE copy of The Top 10 Tips to Building Trust in a Remote Workplace. As a child I was told, “Trust is earned not given” the saying stuck with me, and as we adapt to a new world of hybrid working, I find myself pondering its meaning.  To say trust is earned is...

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07 Jul
Resilience in a remote world… how we can all learn lessons from Gareth Southgate!
Resilience in a remote world… how we can all learn lessons from Gareth Southgate!

Like every team, the England football team has good days and it has bad days, last weekend was a very good day, and we are hoping for another good day today. 🤞 The defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016, was not such a good day! 🤦 However; we can recover from setbacks, it is our...

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26 Jun
coaching athletes & business executives
What are the similarities between coaching an athlete and mentoring a business executive?

Athletes and Business Executive have many similarities, they both strive for growth, they are ambitious, and they want to succeed. An athlete and a business executive whilst their attire can be most different, both epitomise human performance.  However; if both professions are driven by the desire for human performance, why is one coached and the...

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13 May
Are ilm qualifications right for my workplace
Is ILM Coaching right for my workplace?

In an earlier blog, we discussed whether ILM qualifications are recognised, and indeed they are, and with the ILM reporting 70,000 people completed an ILM course last year, you could say ILM training is highly desirable. However, before we go further, for those that have slept since our last article😉, it’s probably best to recap...

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04 May
Are business coaches really important
Are business coaches really important? | An insiders perspective.

Coaching is a process in which an expert helps someone to improve their performance. Coaches can be found in many different fields, and they are often hired by people who want to develop skills that will help them achieve success. Mentoring is similar to coaching, but the mentor usually has more experience than the person...

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27 Apr
Are ILM qualifications recognised, coaching & Mentoring, ILM Course & Training provider,
Are ILM qualifications recognised? 

Whether you choose CMI or ILM, there is no arguing that either qualification is a good thing, with hundreds of thousands of businesses and managers taking the qualifications each year. As the UK’s only chartered professional body for management, dating back to the 1950s, CMI is understandably considered the blue-chip qualification, and the recognition of...

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20 Apr
coaching & Mentoring, ILM Course & Training provider,
[Case Study] South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

1. South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH) is a large, acute hospital providing healthcare for the people of North East England. 2. STH has been working to improve staff performance, specifically patient care by implementing new technologies and working practices and developing their workforce through coaching & mentoring courses with human performance specialists Pro-Noctis to serve...

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29 Mar
What is Human Performance
What is Human Performance?

What is human performance you ask…. Performing well of course! It is what it says on the tin, Human Performance. Now if we were to be satisfied with that answer, this would make for a very short blog article indeed! What is Human Performance and why should we study it? However; unsurprisingly I would like...

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