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Back to Basics


It’s summer holidays and time to up sticks and depart to Devon to stay in a cottage. One of the biggest concerns is keeping the children entertained whilst away. To be honest they are slightly older so less of an issue than it was a few years ago. Nonetheless still a consideration.  So, the cottage has wifi, tick and enough bedrooms that we all have our own space, tick.  British weather, as you can imagine, does make things more difficult; however, we rediscovered board games.

The cottage had a couple of old classics (monopoly and the great game of Britain). Rather than spend time with heads in iPhones or iPads (there was still a bit of that) we spent more time chatting around the table and engrossing ourselves in the games. Result? Well, we got closer together, understood each other more and enjoyed our time together. As a metaphor for work life, it reminds me of the times when teams appear to have greater success. They don’t rely solely on modern forms of communication (of course there is definitely a place for it) but make the effort to have face to face conversations and get to know each other, leading to more effective communication and greater understanding …consequently greater productivity.

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